The Project

Every day in NSW,  Australia someone dies on our roads - unnecessarily.

This trailer is for a series of educational videos (produced for the PCYC NSW Traffic Offenders Intervention Program) that explore the real and often tragic human costs of the choices we make while driving. From the crash scene to the court room; from prison to the loved ones who are left behind, this award winning educational video production presents a personal look at the reality of seemingly small decisions that have big consequences.

Video production released on DVD and USB.



How do we affect change in behaviour when it is needed? Most Australian commercials about drink driving feature graphic scenes of road trauma. Designed to scare drivers into better behaviour they mostly just cause us to look away. Instead of disengaging our audience we sought to draw them in - to involve them. We focussed on engaging our audience with candid stories about how their lives had changed because of the decisions they had made. The resulting series pulls at the heart strings of the audience and paints a grim picture of what is ahead if their behaviour does not change.

Video Production Awards

WINNER:  Best Instructional / Training Resource (TERTIARY/GENERAL), 2015 National ATOM Awards

WINNER: Gold Camera, Best Series: Education (Personal Growth & Development), 2015 US International Film & Video Awards

WINNER:  Best Education and Training Video, 2014 National Australian Video Producers Association Awards.

WINNER: Gold Award for cinematography - Corporate and Educational, 2014 Australian Cinematographers Society Awards (NSW and ACT)

NOMINEE: Best cinematography - Corporate and Educational, 2015 National Australian Cinematographers Society Awards

NOMINEE: Best (Video production) in Festival, 2015 US International Film & Video Awards


“We all knew the TOIP series was going to be something special from the 1st interviews. How lucky we are to have Good Eye Deer’s expertise, talent and vision to bring it all together. Awards aside - the best thing about their work on this project is the fact that it will literally save lives. Well done to Gavin, Olivia and the amazing team at Good Eye Deer that made TOIP the award winning series that it is”

-Phillip Ross, General Manager, Communications, Marketing & Events, PCYC NSW



Client: PCYC NSW
Agency: Good Eye Deer
Client Producer: Phillip Ross
Agency Producer: Olivia Olley
Director: Gavin Banks

In association with:
The Police Force of NSW; The NSW Ambulance Service; Attorney General’s Department (Gosford Court House / Kempsy Court House / Magistrate Wayne Evans); Department of Corrective Services; National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre; Riviere Law - Criminal Law Experts; Drive4 - Driving Instructors; Hunter Brain Injury Service and Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

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