ARTC - Ballast Cleaning

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Angus McConnell, Project Manager - ARTC


the brief

Create a teaser for the ARTC Ballast Cleaning Operation DVD – a training video about how to clean the rocks that hold train tracks in place. The teaser must display the scale and scope of the project, inspire prospective employees and contractors to know more about working for ARTC.

our approach

This 2min teaser was developed in parallel with the main ARTC Ballast Cleaning training video project. Structured like a Hollywood movie trailer, we made use of provocative comments and extreme camera angles. We also used ramping and other rhythmic editing techniques to drive the film forward. A grungy, high-contrast, colour grade and cinematic sound design was developed to bring it all together.
This teaser enabled us to display the scale of the operation and implement (in both the shoot and edit) a stylistic approach that provides a consistent look and feel to the whole project.

Ballast Cleaning Operation - training video


Client: Australian Rail Track Corporation

Agency: Good Eye Deer

Client Producer: Angus McConnell

Director: Gavin Banks

Colour Grade: Final Post  – Joel Colthorpe

Delivery format: DVD & web

ARTC Ballast Cleaning Branded Video Content Sydney & Newcastle NSW

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