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Corporate video productions that inspire and get buy-in. We don’t shy away from hard stories, we embolden them. We make your brand shine, thrilling your audience, and igniting their sense of purpose.


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Move beyond Corporate video into a world of creative storytelling.

We elevate your message and help you craft something extraordinary. Our filmmaking and video production expertise enables you to create brand stories that resonate with more people than ever before.


Corporate video content we create

Corporate & Brand Films

Emotive stories to promote your brand values and customer propositions

Testimonial Videos

Stirring 'before and after' client stories to engage your audience

Promotional Videos

Compelling videos that bring your products, services and brand to life

Documentary Films

Inspiring documentary-style client stories that instantly deliver positive social proof

Educational Videos

Moving videos that affect change by educating and motivating your audience

Social Media Video Content

Platform-specific brand stories that leverage the unique power of social media

Corporate video production that works for you & your audience

Here’s a quick snapshot of how we work…

Brief Branded Film Production Sydney & Newcastle


We start by asking you about your corporate vales, audience and budget. Then we meet with you to learn more, especially about what you want to achieve and how your audience should feel after watching the video

Advertising Video Production Sydney & Newcastle

Pitch sign off

We outline the scope, style and budget in a pitch document for formal signoff.

Concept Advertising Video Sydney & Newcastle

Research + Concept

We deep dive into your brand and audience, getting to know them intimately, to underpin the best creative outcome.

Advertising Film Production Idea Brainstorm Sydney & Newcastle

Creative development

We collaboratively brainstorm visual ways to bring your corporate videos to life and envelop your key messages so they resonate with your audience.

Pre Production Branded Video Advertising Sydney & Newcastle


We make it easy for you by planning, booking and organising everything (and everyone) necessary for a smooth shoot, including: director, key creatives / heads of departments, production design, cinematographic style, casting, crew, location scouting, management and permits, scheduling, equipment hire, catering unit, travel arrangements, and stills photography

Video Camera Branded Film advertising Sydney & Newcastle


Join us on set to see the magic happen and sign off on key shots.

Film & Video Production Company Post Production Sydney & Newcastle


We refine the edit before collaboratively incorporating your feedback. Once you’ve signed off on the changes, we enhance the final video/s with colour grading and audio mastering.

Mastering Branded Film Advertising Sydney & Newcastle

Mastering out & delivery

We deliver all the formats you need, optimised for your various channels, along with any accessibility options you’ve asked for, such as closed captions and subtitles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is corporate video content?

Many people make the mistake of believing that corporate video content is just a video with your company's logo at the end. But it’s actually so much more - corporate video content is the telling of a compelling, relevant story that is visually and thematically congruent with your brand. By producing relevant, on-brand video content, audiences are more likely to engage with your company by donating, following, sharing or purchasing. 

High-end TV commercials are a highly refined form of corporate content. Through their look and feel they convey the values of the brand to sell a product or service. The key factor here is they use the story, as well as the look and feel of the film, to promote and convey the values of the product. 

Types of corporate video content we produce include:

  • Brand Videos - emotive stories to promote your brand values and customer propositions
  • Corporate Stories - stirring 'before and after' client stories to engage your audience
  • Promotional Videos - powerful videos that bring your products and services to life 
  • Testimonial stories - inspiring documentary-style client stories that instantly deliver positive social proof
  • Educational Videos - moving videos that affect change by educating your audience 
  • Social Media Videos - platform-specific brand stories that leverage the unique power of social media 
  • TV Commercials - high-end videos conveying your brand values to sell your products or services
What style of branded video would suit my brand?

We’ll help you decide.


Some brand stories are best told via customer testimonials. Others work better using a combination of voiceover and stylised footage of your team in action. Based on your brief, and our research into your brand and audience, we’ll guide you toward the type of branded video that will best achieve your goals.

How much does a branded video cost?

The cost of a branded video depends on the time, number and quality of resources needed to make it. And most of that will depend on your audience and marketing objectives. 


You may be keen on a particular concept, but can you achieve that within your budget? And will that resonate best with your audience? Once we know your budget we’ll help you to determine the style of branded video that best meets your goals.

How long does it take to produce a brand story?

Branded video production can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks, depending on the scope. 


For most documentary-style videos with multiple speakers, we recommend 6-8 weeks from the initial brief and concepts to mastering out and delivery. For videos with a single location and scripted voiceover, 4-6 weeks is ideal. 


Need it in a hurry? We’ve produced brand stories in as little as 4 days. However conveying a truly compelling brand story – one that triggers an active, emotional response from your audience – takes time. Let us know what you need, and we’ll find a way to make your timeline work. 

What does the process involve?

We know what it takes to produce a branded video that evokes an emotional response in your audience. We need an in-depth brief before we dive deep into researching your brand and audience, and only then move into creative development.


Here’s what’s involved in creating a branded video with us:




We want to hear all about your brand, audience and goals. The more you can tell us here, the more informed our first meeting can be. Some of the questions we’ll ask you include:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What are you hoping to achieve with this video?
  • Do you already have ideas in the tank? Will we be rolling out another agency’s creative, or will we be developing ideas for, or in collaboration, with you?
  • What role does this video play in your overall marketing strategy?
  • How good do you want it to look? Show us the production values you are aiming for. Share links from a few examples of other videos you want to emulate.
  • What is your budget?


Once we understand your scope, we’ll touch base to learn more about your brand and how you want your audience to feel after they’ve watched the video.



With the brief in hand, we work up ideas for how our concept for your branded video content will resonate with your audience. Of course, with marketing, developing a strong call to action is critical to ensure your video plays its part in achieving your goals.




Once you’re happy with the concepts, we formalise the scope, budget and creative ideas into a project agreement. This gives both you and us a chance to confirm our working relationship and agree on the expected output.




Before we move further into creative development/refinement, we get to know your brand and audience more intimately. This phase enables us to truly understand how to emotionally connect with your audience, and how to authentically communicate your brand story, key messages and calls-to-action.


We then hold a discovery workshop with you and do our own further research to get a better view of:

  • Your brand values, key value propositions and how you want to be perceived.
  • The campaign and video goals - the messages you want to deliver, and the outcomes you’re hoping for
  • Your audience - who are they and what’s important to them?
  • Your feedback - how we can enhance our initial concepts
  • Your competitors - how you want to stand out from the crowd


We also request copies of your brand assets, such as your logos, style guide and tone of voice strategy. This helps us to get the video spot-on in terms of visual and tonal consistency with your other marketing material.


With all this in hand, we work up ideas for how the video’s concept and call-to-action will resonate with your audience to evoke a response that helps meet your goals.




We now start to brainstorm how we’ll bring the video to life. We begin this process internally, drawing on our highly experienced team of producers, directors and cinematographers. We work through ideas for the content, filming style, colour, sound, music, talent and locations.


For each of these, we focus on what will best emotionally connect with the hopes, dreams, fears or desires of your audience. We start to map out the script and pre-interview the people you’ve earmarked to be in the video too.


We know that the best videos are born of creative collaboration. That’s why we refine the creative concept with you as we go.


This is a fluid part of the process where we work together on the script, choose the best on-camera talent, develop and define the shot list and confirm all other creative elements.




Once we’ve settled on the script and approach, we move into pre-production mode.


Here we plan and organise the full video shoot, taking care of all the heavy lifting for you.


That includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Scheduling
  • Pre-interviewing potential speakers (talent)
  • Casting and booking talent
  • Hiring crew
  • Sourcing all camera, grip and lighting gear
  • Scouting and booking locations
  • Organising permits
  • Securing travel arrangements
  • Sourcing catering


We keep you in the loop and responsibly bring the project in on time and on budget. During this phase, we also draft the post-production schedule so you can be clear on delivery dates once the shoot is booked in.




Now it’s time for the magic to happen. Join us on set and be part of all the action. We talk you through the process and get your signoff on key shots, so you can feel confident that the shoot aligns with the vision we’ve agreed on.


What is it like to be on set with us?

  • Our 20+ years of experience has taught us how to shoot as efficiently as possible, so we keep the project on time and on budget.
  • You work alongside experienced professionals who leave their egos at the door.
  • We’re committed to safe, ethical and sustainable filming practices. These include making everyone feel comfortable to get the best out of any on-screen talent , especially those who may not feel natural in front of the camera.
  • We’re proud to be an extension of your brand as we work with your stakeholders, volunteers and customers. We want to make you look good and only improve those relationships with our interactions.
  • We’re agile and quickly troubleshoot unforeseen issues.
  • We have a lot of fun. Our processes have evolved to mitigate risk. This allows everyone on set to enjoy their role and the process of creating branded content.




Back in the edit suite, we get to work on cutting together your story. In the first draft we share with you, we aim to have our edit 80-90% of the way to the final video.


It’s easy for you to share your feedback with us via online review tools. From there, we take your notes, make the changes and fine-cut the film, before we send it back to you for approval.


Once you’ve signed off, the video goes through colour grading and audio mastering to enhance its look and sound. At this point, we also create other versions of the video if required. There are lots of great ways to leverage your new branded video such as 60-, 30- and 15-second versions for social media channels!




In this final step, we create all the various channel formats, then add closed captions, translations and transcriptions as required.  Finally, we deliver your videos to you digitally, so it’s easy for you to publish and share them.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out our briefing form. Once we’ve reviewed the information we’ll schedule a call to dig a bit deeper and ask any questions that arise. 


Make sure you enter as much detail into the form as you can. Why? Our in-depth briefing, concept and research phase is part of the reason that our branded videos resonate with audiences so much.

How involved do I need to be?

You can be involved as much, or as little, as you want. 


We’re flexible and accommodating collaborators. Let us know how you like to work and we’ll do our best to match that style. 


Let’s talk

What channels do you create branded videos for?

We create and tailor videos for all available channels, including:

  • Broadcast (TV) 
  • Cinemas
  • Social (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, TikTok)
  • Other online channels 


We master out whatever formats you require to ensure quality of your branded video content across each channel’s unique specifications. We can also add closed captions, transcriptions, language translations and other accessibility measures as required. 

Why should I choose Good Eye Deer for my branded video production?

We’re not your average video production company. We’re a team of creative filmmakers with a love for telling emotive human stories. 


We bring our creative and strategic brains to every project. Our goal is to elevate your ideas into a brand video that resonates with your audience, and stylistically lives and breathes your brand identity.


We’ve also got the experience to make the whole process easier, and lighten your load. Our team has been producing quality video content for national and multinational brands, government, not-for-profit and social enterprises for more than 20 years. We’re committed to safely, sustainably and ethically communicating your brand narrative while being your advocate, both internally and externally.


Ready to get started? Let’s talk

Can I film during COVID-19 and what are your protocols?

We are dedicated to COVID-19 safe practices. We follow the Screen Australia guidelines and regularly check federal and state WHS guidelines. All cast, crew and clients are briefed on COVID-safe protocols prior to filming. We work with locations/venue managers to assess the risk for production. PPE is worn on-set where appropriate. For more information about how we mitigate risk, please get in touch.

Can I see examples of your work?

You can see examples of other branded video productions we’ve created on our Portfolio page. 

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