The Face of Birth is to pregnant women what the alphabet is to our children, essential for development and education. Every woman and her baby deserves a safe and calm entrance into the world. The Face of Birth will open your eyes as to why this important and how it is possible

Justine Caines, OAM

the brief

Filmed over 3 years from Alice Springs to London, The Face of Birth is an independent documentary about pregnancy, childbirth, and the power of choice. It was co-directed by Gavin Banks (Good Eye Deer) and Kate Gorman (BabyBanksia P/L).

The film was released in Australia and New Zealand in March 2012 with over 100 screenings. Negotiations are currently underway for release in the UK & USA in late 2012. The Face of Birth is now available for rental, sale or download at

our approach

Through the diverse and moving stories of five women who choose to birth at home, The Face of Birth gives us the big-picture of the importance of how, where and with whom we give birth to our children. Featuring interviews with some of the world’s top childbirth experts The Face of Birth explores the links between choice and safety, and exposes the hidden costs, and broader social consequences of rising rates of intervention.

A must-see for all parents, and anyone intending to give birth, this feature-length film will change the way you view childbirth.


Directors: Gavin Banks / Kate Gorman

Producers: Aleksandar Vasiljevic, Kate Gorman and Gavin Banks

Writer: Kate Gorman

Cinematographer: Gavin Banks

Editor: Sonia Heideman

Face of Birth

The Face Of Birth Documentary Film Production Sydney & Newcastle NSW

(L) Gavin Banks, Producer (C) Sheila Kitzinger, natural childbirth activist and author, (R) Kate Gorman, Producer 

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