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we are passionate about relatable stories that shed light on the  experience of being human

Who is Good Eye Deer?

We’re producers who have been telling stories that resonate for over 20 years. The film, TV and video content we produce reflects the full experience of being human. From laughter to tears, we’re drawn to stories that connect us, respect our differences and celebrate what we have in common as humans. 


We make the development and production of video, film and TV fun and joyful, and work to take the stress out of complicated projects. 


Get in touch to see what it’s like to be looked after by creative experts whose enthusiasm for the craft of storytelling is infectious.

we are…


We take the time to get to know and understand you, your audience and your goals, so you feel understood and supported.


Our detailed briefing process digs deep into what you want to say, how you want people to feel, and where you’ll connect with your audience to uncover the essence of your project.


You can rely on our 20 years of experience in getting the job done – safely, ethically and respectfully. That means everyone involved enjoys the process, not just the final result.


We use our broad experience of marketing and production to see the big picture. We work with you to think big and place your video /TV / Film production in a wider context.

Gavin Banks

EXecutive Producer / creative director

Gavin believes that film and TV are the myth of today – that what we watch on screen informs our lives, what we value and think about. With a deep focus on authenticity and compassion, he sees the telling of stories that matter – noisy stories about the stuff of life – as an important part of shaping a healthier, happier and more connected world of tomorrow.


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Gavin grew up experiencing diverse communities, cultures and people as the son of humanitarian volunteers. From a quiet boy who felt he had a lot to say, but didn’t know how to say it, he found his voice when he discovered film. Its power to tell emotive human stories, in all their myriad complexity and nuance, excited him. It lit a fire in him to give voice to the voiceless and to create positive social change.


He graduated at the top of a BA (Communication Studies) in 1998 and founded Good Eye Deer as a vehicle to be able to tell these stories. In the 20+ years since, he’s produced more than 200 films, commercials and online videos and won numerous state, national and international awards.


Working towards independent projects of his own, Gavin has also been part of a range of factual and scripted productions over the years. He was the Director of Photography (DP) and Editor of The Great Australian Lockout (2007, HISTORY CHANNEL) - a documentary about Australia’s most violent industrial conflict. For Gavin, this project cemented the power of building collaborative, ego-free teams. He then went on to DP the award-winning The Unspoken (TROPFEST 2011) and the Australian indie feature - Bathing Franky (2012) - an intimate film dealing with complex human emotion and relationships.


Gavin’s first independent project was the co-produced, co-directed social-justice documentary, The Face of Birth (2012) - a film exploring the importance of women’s right to choose how, where and with whom they birth. The feature documentary had a profound impact on women across the world and was critical in stopping the criminalisation of homebirth in Australia. Released internationally in 12 languages, it continues to inform the education of midwives and birthing women globally.


Over the past five years he’s started to develop scripted drama and comedy content and is currently working with Hollywood writers and producers on a feature film under a grant from Screen Australia.


As soon as you work with Gavin, you’ll see his drive to reveal humanity’s raw beauty echo through his every action.

Gavin Banks, Executive Producer and Creative Director
Olivia Olley. Producer, Good eye Deer

Olivia Olley

Senior Producer

Olivia is a spirited content producer who brings a blend of warmth, charm and unparalleled drive to every project she produces. She works tirelessly to support collaborators to do what they do best and in doing so builds committed teams with strong rapport. Her positivity, can-do attitude and tenacity deliver great outcomes for all involved.

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Olivia's work has been screened at multiple festivals and won numerous awards. Such is her talent, she was recognised in 2018 as the Australian Screen Producers Association’s ‘One to Watch’ and she is now currently working in collaboration with Hollywood writers and producers on a romantic comedy.


Olivia’s career started in theatre when she worked at the Sydney Opera House in a cadetship. She then moved to London and started in film where she worked at a Post Production house as a runner and produced short films. Back in Australia she completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Screenwriting and graduated with Honours in Documentary Production.


Beyond being an integral part of every Good Eye Deer project, Olivia’s producing credits include:

  • Her breakthrough short documentary Hooked (2010) which was the finalist for Best Short Documentary at the St Kilda Film Festival, as well as screening at other festivals.

  • The short film One, which Olivia co-wrote and produced, for the SEED Regional Shorts program via Create NSW and the ABC in 2017 (this film is available to view on ABC iView).

  • The development of a half-hour comedy project with Vanessa Alexander and the Skit-Box team via a Screen NSW early development grant.
  • Working as Associate Producer for Ambience Entertainment’s Channel 9 children’s show, I AM ME, in 2019.

  • Together with Gavin, receiving a development grant via Screen Australia to move their feature film “Aussie Rules” forward in 2020.


Overall she is a creative, solutions-focused dynamo who inspires the talented professionals she engages. And she’s driven by producing wonderfully complex human stories in all their extraordinary and everyday glory. 

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Melbourn International Film Festival, 2022

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Sydney Film Festival, 2022

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Cinefest Oz Film Festival, 2022

Silver Distinction

Winner, 2018 AIPP Australian Video Producer Awards


Best TV Commercial, National AVPA Awards, 2016


Best Corporate Video, National AVPA Awards, 2016


Best Corporate Video, National AVPA Awards, 2016


Best Educational Video, National AVPA Awards, 2016


Best Corporate Video, National AVPA Awards, 2015


Best Online Video Production, National AVPA Awards, 2015


Best TV Commercial, National AVPA Awards, 2015


Best Training / Instructional Resource, ATOM Awards, 2015


Best Educational Series (Personal Growth & Dev), US Int. Film & Video Awards, 2015


Best in Festival, US International Film & Video Awards, 2015


Best Corporate & Educational, ACS National Awards, 2015

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