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we’re passionate, driven individuals who like to entertain, inspire, and challenge audiences through stories about our shared humanity

Who is Good Eye Deer?

We’re producers and committed collaborators. Our company has been telling award-winning stories for 20 years. Authenticity, integrity and respect are integral to who we are and how we operate. The film, TV and branded video content we produce reflects that.

In recent years we shifted our focus to producing entertainment content. We’re developing entertaining stories that explore the joy, wonder and challenges of our shared humanity. 

We thrive on complex projects and partner with like-minded individuals to create big stories that can travel. As such, we only take on a small number of projects each year.

Olivia Olley and Gavin Banks. Producer, Good eye Deer

Olivia Olley

Producer / partner

Olivia is a spirited producer who brings a blend of warmth, charm and unparalleled drive to the projects she produces. She works tirelessly to support collaborators to do what they do best and in doing so builds committed teams with strong rapport. Her positivity, can-do attitude and tenacity deliver great outcomes for all involved.

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Olivia has produced advertising and branded content for ten years. She has worked for international, national, and state-wide brands. She has won many awards for her work and continues to collaborate with clients who have ambitious goals.  

In 2022, Olivia released her first feature film, EVERYBODY'S OMA, which is nominated for an Australian Academy of Cinema Television Arts (AACTA) award, best documentary. The film premiered at the Sydney Film Festival, followed by the Melbourne International Film Festival 2022, and came in the top ten of the Australian box office on opening night. The film has also received 4-star reviews from Australian national publications.

In 2018, Olivia was recognised by the Australian Screen Producer's Association as a "One to Watch" producer. Her TV credits include Associate Producer for two seasons of I AM ME, a children's television series for Ambience Entertainment (2019-2020). One of her first short films HOOKED was a finalist at the St Kilda Film festival, and her 2018 short film ONE can be found on ABC's iView.

Olivia is currently in development for a series of ambitious film and TV projects. She is currently partnering with US producers on a Rom-Com written by multi-award-winning Emmy writers. That project is supported by Screen Australia's development investment. She has also received Create NSW development investment for a comedy series with the WGA-nominated screenwriter Vanessa Alexander.  Most of Olivia's projects in development are women-centered stories.

Gavin Banks

Director / Producer / partner
Gavin is the Creative Director, Executive Producer and founder of Good Eye Deer. His ability to hold the big picture while navigating the minutiae of a project is evidenced by the acclaim his films receive. Combining a high level of emotional intelligence with hands-on experience of filmmaking (as an award-winning director/editor/cinematographer) Gavin produces entertaining stories imbued with authenticity and heart.
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Gavin has worked across Film, TV and commercial production since the 2007 release of the History Channel documentary, Lockout (DP / Editor). Gavin’s recent feature documentary, Everybody's Oma, (EP, Editor, DP), premiered at the 2022 Sydney Film Festival (Official Selection 2022, Melbourne International Film Festival and 2022 Cinefest OZ Film Festival). Released by Bonsai Films on 70 screens it received critical acclaim with 4-star reviews from national Australian publications and is nominated for Best Documentary at the 2022 AATCA Awards. Gavin’s work is characterised by its narrative strength and emotional authenticity. He has an ability to see and hold the big picture, and understands how nuance and details contribute to making or breaking a story. He’s a passionate, emotionally intelligent collaborator who believes it takes strong, diverse teams to make world-class stories.
Gavin Banks, Producer, Director, Editor, Good Eye Deer


Best Documentary nomination

Australian Accademy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards, 2022

Official Selection

Sydney Film Festival, 2022

Official Selection

Melbourne International Film Festival, 2022

Finailst Best Documentary - Social & Political Issues

Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Awards, 2022

Official Selection

Cinefest Oz Film Festival, 2022

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