When we engaged with Good Eye Deer, we handed them one challenge. How do we tell our story? What we received was exceptional. The final product was emotive, compelling and most importantly, resonated with our values. Their eye for detail and inquisitive nature provided a seamless and rewarding experience. We are especially appreciative of their sensitivity and professionalism working alongside our patient community.

Sean Murray, CEO, Mito Foundation, Australia

Mito Foundation Brand Film Sydney & Newcastle

the brief

The Mito Foundation was looking to produce a video that would articulate what they do and inspire viewers to continue supporting the foundation.

The foundation has many purposes. They raise awareness about the rare mitochondrial disease, raise funds for medical research and support families in the community. 


The video will be released online to help:

a) retain existing supporters

b) convert prospective supporters

c) reactivate lapsed supporters


The video needs to reflect the messaging and tone-of-voice of the brand. A version of the film will be screened at our 10th annual Gala dinner.

our approach

The best way to show the value of an organisation is to show the human benefits it delivers.

We love helping Not For Profit organisations show the value they deliver to the community.


Our process always starts with research. A thorough understanding of Brand, message, target market and delivery platform is crucial to making an effective film. We started the Mito Foundation off with a brand workshop that revealed three main areas of focus for their organisation. They support clinical research, families living with Mito, and they lobby the government to create positive change.


For the Mito Foundation, we proposed creating a brand film that showed the hope and inspiration they were delivering their clients. We chose to intercut a series of inspiring stories – stories of people who represent each of the Foundation’s support strands.


The Mito Foundation Brand film doesn’t focus on explaining what the foundation does. It shows us what the service means to people and how it is changing lives. We meet a researcher who talks about the amazing work the Foundation is enabling because of the money they donate. We meet a family who speaks to how Foundation support has given them hope when there was none. And we meet a mother who helps us understand the importance of lobbying to continuing to advocate change.


Assets Produced

1x brand video
1x social media cutdown

MITO Foundation
60 second TVC

Mitochondrial Disease is a genetic disorder that robs the body of energy. There is no treatment and no cure, but, because of the Mito Fundation, there is hope.

Mito Foundation Our Story Brand Video Production Sydney & Newcastle NSW


Creative: Good Eye Deer

Video production company: Good Eye Deer – Sydney

Director / DP: Gavin Banks
Producer: Olivia Olley
Editor: Karl Pearson
Sound designer: John Roy

The Mito Foundation, Australia

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