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I’ve worked on several corporate projects with Good Eye Deer. Without fail, they manage to conceptualise and deliver stunning video content that truly brings our complex business to life. The brief is always a challenge, but the result never disappoints".

Jordan Burke, Internal Communications Manager, Link Group

Client Link Branded Video Advertising Sydney & Newcastle

the brief

Link Group wanted a video that showcased its market-leading capabilities in fund administration.


To be screened at the the ASFA Conference in November 2016, the 60 second brand film must highlight these key themes:

• LG is a leader in effectively empowering members to engage more with their super at any life stage

• We do this by providing market-leading technology products such as SuperMentor, Member App and MarketSuite to our clients

• Link Group has a team of dedicated and enthusiastic people who share a passion for our super clients and their millions of members

• It’s all about making life easier for members and our clients who service them.


The video needs to be confident, sophisticated and inspirational. And at the same time feature visually beautiful images of staff and super members engaging with their super through Link products.

The primary audience was to be ASFA attendees in the first instance but also the film needed to be appropriate for a broader audience such as employees, inductees, and existing and prospective clients.

our approach

For this brand film we featured their new office in Melbourne and built on the visual style we set up in the (award winning) ASFA 2015 video.


We shot to produce a video that would use quick cuts, matching frames and sound effects. In this way, we show the technology moving between the many spaces and people as product-technology is developed and refined. There was a big focus on the new high-tech building. We also worked hard to represent the diverse workforce that develops and roll out Link’s customer solutions. From the LinkLabs console table to smart boards to meeting rooms and back to the graphic designer’s desk; the film journeys through the evolution of product development.


The film is made complete by introducing the customer – the focus and reason for Link’s business. Through match frames, we connect the business with their audience and are transported to the outside world where three different member demographics are seen using the app in their leisure time. In this “outside world” the camera style changes from the stable framework to a raw, hand-held style. This visual contrast symbolises the organic movement of life, versus the reliable and efficient Link Group world.

This is the fifth video we’ve produced for Link Group

Link Group : AGM intro 2016

Leveraging previous content

For the upcoming AGM, Link Group asked us to produced a 60s intro video. We chose to build on the sophistication and style of the last two ASFA films. Working with footage from previous videos we developed a fast editing pace to show the images in a new light. We made use of match frames, ramping and invisible cuts to create a clever cut full of energy. We also used motion graphics to relay key messages for the AGM.


Video production company: Good Eye Deer – Sydney 

Producer: Olivia Olley and Gavin Banks

Director: Brian Daly

DP: Gavin Banks

Editor: Anthony Dempsey & Andrew Sheldon
Audio: John Roy

Awards: The AGM video won Best Corporate video in its category, AVPA awards 2016.

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