In 1929 one of the darkest chapters in Australian industrial history was written in blood and bitterness on the Northern Coalfields of NSW, a tale that will echo across our landscape in story, song and legacy.

the brief

Using limited time and resources (8 days) create a high production-value look for the historical documentary: The Great Australian Lockout. Create a compelling one hour TV documentary for the History Channel.

our approach

This film was shot with extremely limited crew and cast over about 8 days. The re-enactments were mostly shot with a skeleton cast in and around the Hunter Valley, NSW, with the larger crowd scenes shot over one day using lots of locals. Clever use of lenses, light, and frame gave a sense of scale and scope beyond what was available. The film was then brought to Good Eye Deer for post. Edit, fine cut, and grade were done in house before the project was mastered in Sydney.


Director: Jason van Genderen

Producers: Greg Hall & Diane Michael

Cinematographer: Gavin Banks

Editor: Gavin Banks

Music composition and sound design: John Roy

Staring: Chris Haywood

Lockout Documentary Film Content Production Sydney & Newcastle NSW

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