Grease pot lubrication is a dirty but vital job. The machinery has no visible moving parts and is hard to access, so is both difficult and dangerous to film.

How can we create a training film about the role and importance of Grease Pot Lubrication - and make it interesting?


With so little to film we chose to focus on the experts delivering the story of this educational film. Relying so heavily on a few experts we needed to establish their credibility as seasoned practitioners. The documentary-style narrative was designed to both convey the importance of the job and establish the credibility of the speakers. This is managed by cutting between interview footage and on-track Cinéma vérité footage.

We used techniques like hand-held camera and over-cranking (high speed shooting) to make the visuals more personal and interesting. This technique also helps give the viewer a sense of being on track as part of the team - where the action is - so we can get a first hand look at how it all works, and more importantly, what it all means.


Agency: Direct
Video Production company: Good Eye Deer - Newcastle
ARTC Project manager: Kegan Lacey
Director / DP: Gavin Banks
Producer: Olivia Olley
1st AC / Sound recordist: Jesse Banks

Australian Rail Track Corporation