everybody's oma

feature documentary

aacta award nominated

Australian Academy of Cinema Television arts award Good eye Deer best documentary

the film

Filmmaker Jason van Genderen is obsessed with making home videos about his elderly mother and, when he creates a supermarket at home during lockdown, he accidentally turns ‘Oma’ into an internet celebrity. Their heartwarming home movies quickly attract a worldwide audience of over 100,000,000 people. This is an unforgeable story of a family that comes together whilst beautifully falling apart. 

out now

Released by BONSAI FILMS this feature screened at Melbourne International Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival, and CinefestOz. 

It came in the top 10 of the Australian box office on its opening weekend.

Nominated for the ACCTA award, best documentary, 2022. The film is now screening on STAN


Director/Producer: Jason van Genderen 

Producers: Ros Walker & Olivia Olley

Editor & Co-Director: Gavin Banks

Distributor: Bonsai Films, Jonathan Page 

Supported by Screen Australia and Screen NSW