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Get traction with your target market through audience-focused video campaigns

We think strategically. We understand brand. And we know how to connect with audiences. Our films consistently deliver strong ROI, just ask our clients.

Video Production

We specialise in the production of commercials and brand films. What sets us apart is that we are strategists.  We don’t believe that it helps Brands to add to the online noise. Instead, we find a way to speak to your audience about what they care about (their hopes, dreams, fears and desires).

Full service video production

We integrate into your team as creative partners and collaborators. We can handle requests for any kind of video production or branded content. Our lead Producers, Gavin Banks and Olivia Olley bring extensive experience to the commercial production and digital storytelling space. In operation for 20 years, Good Eye Deer has won multiple national and international awards for our work, but more importantly, our films deliver tangible ROI for our clients. We believe audiences are looking for connection. It’s our job to deliver your message in a relevant and accessible way.

Production facilitation

We offer full service Production Facilitation for brands, agencies, broadcasters and large production houses. Over the years, we have provided production support for both national and international projects. We specialise in providing crew, HODs and/or talent in Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. We have filmed in just about every part of all Australia, and we love working collaboratively to ensure your production is a success.

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We exist to inspire positive change – change in the perceptions and actions of audiences. We do this by creating visual stories that emotionally engage and inspire.


Good ideas grow from a thorough understanding of your brand, message, audience and media delivery platform. From there, we combine communication theory with filmic techniques to sell-in brand objectives in a clever, relevant and visual way. 

Audience-focused storytelling

Sometimes a brand film can get lost in itself, severing the audience connection. This often happens when Marketing Managers have multiple messages and multiple stakeholders to appease. Our job is to wade through the competing agendas and distil a story that will convey the brand in an authentic manner. Story has been a connector of ideas for millennia. Today the most powerful way for a brand to communicate ideas is with video. But not just any video, a video that speaks the language of target markets and inspires audiences to act.

Digital content that works

Crafting a good film is a strategic process. One that takes into consideration: brand, audience, message and advertising platforms. Knowing the platform for which audiences engage with branded content is a key part of our creative process. Cinema, TV, Online and Social Media are the main advertising spaces. As the non-traditional advertising space grows, so does the needs of its viewers. Crafting content that meets the needs of the changing audience is part of our strategy for your marketing success.

Featured Projects

Our Clients Say

Good Eye Deer is professional, thorough and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to video production and digital marketing. They understand the power of telling compelling stories that are not only highly engaging, but highly appropriate and interesting for their audiences. They think strategically and understand our brand. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Good Eye Deer.

Brooke Newstead
Senior Communications Officer (Campaigns)
NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

It takes a special team to have the capacity to capture the essence of a project that’s still evolving as the shoot commences. When we watch and listen to the final film, it’s easy to see why everyone loves the viewing experience and appreciates the benefits our young participants gained from being part of the project.

What you won’t see until you’ve worked with Good Eye Deer is the strength of their methodology, commitment to professionalism and determination to make a positive difference.

Trevor John
- Director of Regional Development RDA Hunter

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Good Eye Deer crews CH9 Preschool Show regionally

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National Tourism TVC wins Destination Marketing award

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Good Eye Deer producer “One to Watch” in 2018

Good Eye Deer producer “One to Watch” in 2018

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