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Hassle-free production services for your next FILM, TV or video PROJECT.

Want to reliably and efficiently roll out your production in Australia? Wherever and whatever you want to shoot, we build and manage the teams required to deliver quality outcomes on time and on budget.

Stress-free production support

production services that have your back
We deliver the support you need, where and when you need it. Want us to manage your production from pre to post, or to supplement your existing team? No problem – no job is too big or small. Our team is fiercely loyal, so we always make sure we deliver quality outcomes every step of the way.   

pro-active production teams

Professional film production teams that deliver.

With twenty years of production experience, we’re experts at identifying your needs and curating the right screen professionals for your project. Whether you require above-the-line and/or below-the-line support, we only work with individuals who have the proven skill, experience, and commitment to deliver outstanding results. 

local knowledge that works for you

Make Filming in Australia easy.

Finding a team you can trust is one thing. But finding a team you also enjoy working with is quite another. We’ve spent years building relationships with talented and experienced production professionals. Our connections with crews, creatives and supporting services help us streamline production needs and build committed crews – whether we’re shooting TVCs in urban centres for agencies; creating branded content for international marketing teams or providing production support for Film and TV in regional NSW.

Production services available

Film and Television

Production support for Film, TV & The Producer Offset


Editorial, VFX, Audio post or PDV Offset support


Australian producers/fixers for international agencies

TVC Facilitation

Take the hassle out of organising a national shoot

Documentary crews

Hire experienced crews to film in or around Australia

Agile Teams

Videographers / crews for filming branded content

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you roll out the video or film concept we’ve already developed?

Yes, absolutely. We provide production support for advertising agencies, producers, production companies and brands.


If you’ve got a film or video concept ready to go, we’ll make it happen. We’re the experts at understanding your concept and overall objectives, then assembling the right team to bring it to life.

We’re not based in Australia, can we send you our concept and have you film it for us?

Yes. We’ve worked with many international agencies, production companies and brands to produce their video concepts here in Australia. COVID-19 makes this experience especially relevant.


We can work remotely with you to film in Australia without you ever needing to travel.


Australia offers a wealth of diverse landscapes, highly experienced cast and crew and sophisticated film studios. Not to mention the generous TV and film production incentives offered by our Federal and State Governments.


Filming in Australia with us gives you the opportunity for a cost-effective, high-quality production.


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What about remote monitoring? Can our agency / producers / director dial in?

Yes. QTAKE Video Assist enables you to be right in the middle of the action. Let us know if you want to monitor the progress of the shoot or direct from afar. We’ll get it sorted.


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Can you organise a shoot anywhere in Australia?

Yes. Our network of industry professionals means we can assemble the right team for your project anywhere in Australia. We’ve got connections with crew, creatives and supporting services across the country, all of which will support the streamlined delivery of your video or film.


We’ve worked with domestic and international advertising agencies, brands, production companies and producers - so we’re comfortable with slotting in wherever we need to be to help make the project run smoothly.


Whether it’s Sydney, Melbourne, rural or regional Australia, we’ve got you covered.


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We want to film in the Newcastle/Hunter region, can you help us?

Absolutely. Our lead producers live in the Hunter so we know the region well. It’s a great region to film in too.


We have incredibly diverse landscapes - beaches and mountains, vineyards and farms, rain-forest and sand dunes. Plus the council is film-friendly and there’s a great network of local crew, talent and production support services.


If you’re looking for a supportive local production team north of Sydney, you’ve found us.


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How much notice do you need for film, tv or video production services?

The more notice you can give us, the better. Allowing us time to understand your project and creative goals in depth always produces a better result.


If you do have a last-minute project, let’s talk. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Why choose us for your film tv or video production?

We’re experienced, creative producers who know how to assemble teams who get the job done (with warmth and integrity – and without pretence). Years of experience has taught us how to get projects across the line efficiently, within budget and on time.


We bring our strategic marketing brains to every project, always working to elevate your ideas and bring your creative concept to life. This deep understanding of brand means we can be your creative ally, not just a hired gun for the day.


And, perhaps most importantly, we lighten your load. We take care of every aspect of film and video production, so you don’t have to. And we’re committed to sustainably and ethically creating the best experience possible. Plus COVID-safe filming protocols protect you and your clients from liability and ensure everyone is safe while filming.


We also know that it’s important to act like an extension of your team when we work with your stakeholders. As such, we strive to make you look good and ensure we improve those relationships through our interactions.


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What do I need to get started?

We’ll need a complete brief. That could be a concept outline and script (if you’ve developed it) or, for smaller projects, a clear outline of the scale and scope of the project. We’ll also need a clear budget range.


From there we’ll set up a call to discuss your project further.


Once we have the information we need we pull together a proposal for bringing your creative concept to life within your budget. Then after we all sign off on this project agreement, we start pre-production.


Want to get started now? Let’s talk.

How involved do I need to be?

You can be involved as much, or as little, as you want.


We’re flexible and accommodating collaborators. Let us know how you like to work and we’ll do our best to match that style.

What channels do you create branded, advertising or promotional videos for?

We produce videos for all available channels, including:

  • Broadcast (TV)
  • Cinema
  • Social (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, TikTok)
  • Other online channels

We master out whatever formats you require to ensure quality of your branded video content across each channel’s unique specifications. We can also add closed captions, transcriptions, language translations and other accessibility measures as required.

Can I film during COVID-19 and what are your protocols?

We are dedicated to COVID-19 safe practices. We follow the Screen Australia guidelines and regularly check federal and state WHS guidelines. All cast, crew and clients are briefed on COVID-safe protocols prior to filming. We work with locations/venue managers to assess the risk for production. PPE is worn on-set where appropriate. For more information about how we mitigate risk, please get in touch.

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