LINK GROUP - ASFA Conference

The team at Good Eye Deer nailed a tricky brief from day one and then exceeded our expectations at every step. The end result is a fantastic piece of business communication.

Jordan Burke Internal Communications Manager, Link Group

the brief

Create a brand and promotional video to showcase the capabilities of Link Group – using only corporate offices and staff.


Link Group wanted to showcase their impressive capabilities at their industry conference, ASFA. They wanted the film to:

  • Promote Link Group as the market leader by emphasising our innovation, technology and people
  • Show how we offer the most comprehensive fund administration solution available
  • Showcase our technology, processes and people in action
  • Highlight our emphasis on collaboration with our clients

our approach

It’s easy for corporations to make claims about the quality of product or service we offer. But what causes potential-clients to believe them?

Client testimonials, industry awards and third-party reviews are a great way to show how we compare with the competition. But in this circumstance, the time frame didn’t allow for such an approach. With just 4 weeks to produce the film, we turned a list of company achievements into an evocative, aspirational script. We used a warm, conversational voiceover to invite audience members to imagine the perfect solution to their administration needs – one that Link already offers. To create a sense of collaboration, innovation and technological sophistication we created a stylised shooting and editing style. This linked staff and technology through camera movement and clever transitions.


Creative: Good Eye Deer

Video production company: Good Eye Deer, Sydney

Producer: Gavin Banks

Writer: Olivia Olley

Director: Brian Daly

Cinematographer: Peter McMurray

Editor: Karl Pearson

Sound design: John Roy

Award: WINNER, Best Corporate video production, 2015 National Australian Video Producers Association (AVPA) Awards

Link Group

Link Group ASFA Conference Film Production Newcastle & Sydney NSW

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