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Drive sales by connecting with your audience.

Change the perception of your brand with our emotive, story-driven TV and online commercials. We help you reposition your brand and build emotional connections with your audience using intrigue, humour and drama to create reaction and evoke action.

Engage your audience

move people using humour, inspiration, empathy…
High-quality advertising films that draw on these emotions move your audience to open both their hearts and wallets. We create advertising content that gets results, in awareness and sales metrics. Partnering with your marketing team, we offer full-service creative solutions for any advertising or promotional film – from ideas through to completion.

Emotive TVC's

Stirring commercials that capture hearts and minds - and drive action

Web & Online Commercials

Moving commercials to drive action, sales and donations in online channels

Promotional Videos

Powerful videos that communicate the real value of the work you do

Breathe easy with us on your side

Make Producing your TVC and promotional videos fun!

Our experienced team takes care of everything from the initial brief through to a film (or campaign) that makes your audience think, “I can’t believe I just felt that from an ad.” You’ll feel supported through every step of the process and enjoy seeing your content come to life.

Compelling stories, real results.

Don’t just create an ad. Compel action with creative storytelling.
We work with you to create extraordinary commercials and advertising films with real impact. Our filmmaking and video production skills set your advertising messages head and shoulders above your competition. We help you create stories with soul that inspire immediate action.

Advertising content that gets results

Here’s a quick snapshot of how we work…

Brief Branded Film Production Sydney & Newcastle


We start by asking you about your brand, audience and budget. Then we meet to learn more, especially about what you want to achieve and the emotional impact you want to have on your audience.

Concept Advertising Video Sydney & Newcastle

The Pitch

We outline the scope and budget, then pitch a concept and style for formal sign off. Got your creative sorted? Head over to Production Services to learn more about how we partner with marketing teams.

Research Advertising Film Production Sydney & Newcastle


We dive deeper into your brand, audience and marketing goals, getting to know them intimately, to underpin the best creative outcome.

Advertising Film Production Sydney & Newcastle

Creative development

If required, we further develop the initial concept by collaboratively brainstorming visual ways to bring your advertising film productions to life and envelop your key messages so they resonate with your audience.

Pre Production Branded Video Advertising Sydney & Newcastle


We make it easy by planning, booking and organising everything (and everyone) necessary for a smooth shoot, including: director, key creatives / Heads of Departments, production design, cinematographic style, casting, production crew, location scouting, management and permits, scheduling, equipment hire, catering unit ,travel arrangements and stills photography.

Video Camera Branded Film advertising Sydney & Newcastle


Join us on set to see the magic happen and sign off on key shots.

Film & Video Production Company Post Production Sydney & Newcastle


We refine the edit before collaboratively incorporating your feedback. Once you’ve signed-off on the cut, we enhance the final video/s with colour grading and audio mastering.

Mastering Branded Film Advertising Sydney & Newcastle

Mastering out & Delivery

We deliver all the formats you need, optimised for your various channels, along with any accessibility options you’ve asked for, such as closed captions and subtitles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are advertising films and videos different to branded video content?

Yes and no. Advertising films are a type of branded content that focus heavily on driving customers to action. Unlike branded content, which can have many objectives (eg. sharing a story or raising awareness), advertisements have a strong conversion goal. Our advertising content connects with audiences on an emotional level, but it also has a strong call to action. This action might be to:

  • Buy
  • Donate
  • Sign up for information
  • Support your brand in other ways

Not sure which option you need? Don’t worry. Our comprehensive briefing process will help us to understand your goals and identify the best way to achieve them.


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How do I know what kind of tv or online commercial will best suit my needs?

We help you decide.


Our briefing process gives us a detailed understanding of:

  • your brand and audience
  • your goals for the advertising campaign
  • the message you need to convey
  • the ultimate action you want your audience to take (see the previous FAQ).


Once we’re clear on all these details, we guide you toward the best television commercial, web commercial or promotional video format to achieve your goals. Then we work with you on developing creative ideas to get the results you need.


This might be a collection of customer testimonials, or something that feels more like a short film with dynamic storytelling. Your brand and goals might suit stylised visual techniques, or you might get better outcomes with a conventional, scripted approach. 


There are many options and we work together with you to identify what advertising film style will best connect with your audience and drive them to action. 


Let’s talk

How much does a TV / online commercial cost?

The short answer is, “It depends.”


That said, we’ll work closely with you to find an approach that meets your goals and your budget.

The long answer is that your marketing objectives and audience will influence the cost of your advertising film. For example:

  • Do you need us to help develop the creative? Or has your advertising/marketing agency (or internal marketing team) already workshopped that? 
  • What kind of production values do you need?
  • Will we see the project through to post-production, or are you just after a team to handle the shoot?
  • Where will you show the advertisement, and what formats do you require? Will it be broadcast on television? Which territories? For how long? Do you also need cinema as well as online formats? 
  • Cast and locations are one of the most expensive aspects of production and advertising. How many cast members do you have in the current concept? And how many locations are we looking at? 


We work with you to clarify the costs involved. We also collaborate on how we can evolve the concept so we can achieve your marketing goals within the advertising production budget. 

How long does it take to produce a television commercial?

Most advertising film productions take 6-12 weeks, depending on the scope. 


We can turn commercials and videos around faster, but creating a truly compelling advertisement that inspires your audience to take action requires time. For most scripted television commercials with a strong concept, we recommend allowing at least 8 weeks in your timeline from the initial brief through to mastering out and delivery.


That said, if you’re in a hurry, we’ve produced advertising content within a short period of time. Let us know what you need, and we’ll figure out what’s possible within your timeframe. 


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What does the process involve?

Creating a television or online commercial that evokes an emotional response and turns viewers into customers starts with a strong brief. We always start by learning about your brand, target market and campaign goals. From there, we develop initial concepts, or workshop your existing concepts, to achieve the creative you need. 


Here’s what’s involved in creating advertising content with us:




First, we want to hear all about your brand, your audience and your marketing goals. The more you can tell us here, the more informed our first call can be. Some of the initial briefing questions we ask include: 

  • Who is your audience? What action do you need them to take after viewing this advertisement?
  • What are you hoping to achieve with this TVC, commercial or promotional video?
  • Do you have a developed concept or will we be working with you to find the campaign message? 
  • What role does this ad play in your overall marketing strategy? Is it part of a bigger campaign where you also require stills photography or supporting video assets? 
  • Do you need multiple versions of your advertisement to suit different media channels?
  • What are the desired production values? Can you provide examples of other ads you'd like to emulate?
  • What is your budget?


Once we understand the scope, we connect with you to learn even more about your brand and what you want your audience to do after watching the video. 



With the brief in hand, we work up ideas for how the TV / online commercials or advertising campaign will resonate with your audience. Of course, with marketing, developing a strong call to action is critical to ensure your advertising content plays its part in achieving your goals. 



Once you’re happy with the concepts, we formalise the scope, budget and creative ideas into a project agreement. This gives both you, and us, a chance to confirm our working relationship and agree on the expected output. 



Before we move into creative development/refinement, we get to know your brand and audience intimately. This phase helps us truly understand how to emotionally connect with your audience, and which calls to action will turn your viewers into customers. 


We revisit the original brief and concepts, then dig deep with you in a discovery workshop and online research to better understand: 

  • Your brand values, key value propositions – how you want to be perceived
  • The campaign and video goals – the messages you want to deliver and the outcomes you hope for 
  • Your audience – who they are and what’s important to them 
  • Your reactions – what you liked/didn’t like about our initial concepts 
  • Your competitors – how you want to stand out from the crowd 


We also ask for copies of your brand assets, such as your logos, style guide and other approved marketing materials. This ensures we create a television commercial that complements your other marketing elements and strengthens your brand. 



We take the brief, initial concepts and all the research, and begin to brainstorm how to bring your advertising film production to life. 


We start by working up the concept we initially pitched. From there we’ll draft the script and look for the right music track that will suit the emotional needs of the promotional film or TVC. During this phase, we continue to evaluate the creative through the lens of what will most emotionally connect with your audience’s hopes, dreams, fears or desires. 


We do this all internally at first, drawing on our highly experienced team of producers, scriptwriters, directors and cinematographers. This allows us to come to you with a solid creative concept for production. 


Once we have honed the creative, we collaborate further with you to refine the concept and make sure it’s hitting all the right beats for your campaign and target market.



Once the script is signed off, we move into pre-production mode. 


Here we plan and organise the video shoot in full, taking care of all the heavy lifting for you. That includes (but isn’t limited to): 

  • booking the creative team including director, cinematographer, art director, editor
  • contacting casting directors and booking talent
  • booking all crew
  • booking the logistics team including Location Manager and 1st AD (scale of production pending)
  • Scheduling production
  • Scouting and organising location permits or booking the studio
  • Sourcing all the camera, grip and lighting gear 
  • Securing travel arrangements 
  • Sourcing catering


We keep you in the loop and responsibly bring the project in on time and on budget. During this phase, we also draft the post-production schedule so you can be clear on delivery dates once the shoot is booked in. 



Now we’re ready to roll. Join us on set and feel the energy and excitement of shifting a concept from idea into reality. On set, our producers talk you through the process and get you to sign off key shots, giving you confidence that the production aligns with the creative concept. 


What is it like to be on set with us?

  • Our 20+ years of experience has taught us how to get a shoot done as efficiently as possible and stay on budget. 
  • You work alongside experienced producers and crew who leave their egos at the door. 
  • We’re committed to safe, ethical and sustainable filming practices. That includes making everyone feel comfortable and getting the best from any on-screen speakers, especially if they don’t feel natural on camera.
  • We’re proud to act as an extension of your brand when we work with your stakeholders, volunteers and customers. We want to make you look good and ensure our interactions improve your relationships. 
  • We’re agile and quickly troubleshoot unforeseen issues.
  • We have a lot of fun. Our processes have evolved to mitigate risk. This allows everyone on set to enjoy their role and the process of creating advertising content.



We head back to the editing suite and get to work cutting the vision together. We aim to have the draft we share with you 80-90% of the way to the final video product. 


You can easily share your feedback with us via online review tools. From there, we incorporate your notes, then make the changes and fine-cut the film before sending it back over for final approval. 


Once you’ve signed the video off, it goes through colour grading and audio mastering to enhance its look and sound. At this point, we also create other versions of the video (if requested). There are many great ways to leverage your advertising campaign such as 60 second online spots, a 30 second TVC and 15 second cutdowns.




In this final step, we create all the various channel formats and add closed captions, or language translations if you need them. 


Then we deliver the film to you digitally, so it’s easy for you to publish and share (CAD submission for broadcast distribution available on request).

How do I get started?

Simply fill out our briefing form. Once we’ve reviewed the information, we’ll schedule a call to dig a bit deeper and ask any questions that arise. 


Make sure you enter as much detail as you can. The more information you can give us upfront, the better we can help you.




Advertising that works relies on a solid understanding of your audience and how they think and feel. Our in-depth project briefing, concept and research phases are part of the reason our advertising films and campaigns have such great conversion rates. 


We don’t cut corners in these initial concept phases: we know that it always diminishes the final product and reduces your conversions if we do. 


Once we have a brief from you, we pull together a concept to show you how we could bring your advertising content to life. Then we all sign off on a formal project agreement before moving into creative development. 


Ready to get started? Let’s talk!

How involved do I need to be?

You can be involved as much, or as little, as you want.


We’re flexible and accommodating collaborators. Let us know how you like to work and we’ll do our best to match that style.

What channels do you create advertising films for?

We create and tailor advertising commercials for all available marketing channels, including:

  • Broadcast (TV) 
  • Cinemas
  • Social (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo etc)
  • Other online or outdoor channels of your choosing 


We output your final advertising film to maintain the quality across each channel’s unique specifications. We can also add closed captions, transcriptions, language translations and other accessibility measures as required. 

Why should I choose Good Eye Deer for my advertising film production?

We bring a creative approach to every project. One that blends storytelling with technical filmmaking expertise so we can create commercials steeped in all the emotional nuance of life. 


With every project, we blend creativity and strategy to produce advertising content that inspires your audience to take action. And of course, we respect and uphold your brand identity throughout. 


Over more than 20 years, we’ve produced quality advertising film and promotional video content for national and multinational brands, not-for-profits and social enterprises. We know how to make the process easy for you and bring your advertising vision to life. And we film safely, ethically and sustainably to ensure everyone has fun along the way.

Can I film during COVID-19 and what are your protocols?

We are dedicated to COVID-19 safe practices. We follow the Screen Australia guidelines and regularly check federal and state WHS guidelines. All cast, crew and clients are briefed on COVID-safe protocols prior to filming. We work with locations/venue managers to assess the risk for production. PPE is worn on-set where appropriate. For more information about how we mitigate risk, please get in touch.

Can I see examples of your work?

You can see examples of other advertising campaigns we’ve created on our Portfolio page. 

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