Create a promotional TVC that depicts The Waterfall Way as a stand out experience of towns and natural destinations between Coffs Harbour and Armidale.

Imagery must include pristine nature shots with big, wide landscapes and include aerial / drone footage to capture movement over a waterfall and driving along the Waterfall Way. Towns to include are: Sawtell, Nambucca Heads, Urunga, Bellingen, Dorrigo and Armadale.

Ideally this will be a story of two groups heading in opposite directions along the route, making connections between themselves and the environments. The storyline should include an element of mystery, awe and wonder at the amazing dramatic waterfalls, counter-balanced with the idea that the traveller can stop off and enjoy the eclectic shops, cafes and accommodation along the way (in either direction). The two travelling groups should be a Chinese-Australian couple and a Caucasian


Having worked on the national Coffs Coast Tourism Create Your Paradise TVC campaign we understood the intricacies (practicalities and limitations) of filming an ambitious exterior campaign. We also knew that selling a region involves more than showing audiences pretty pictures. We needed to give them a reason to care about what is on offer.

Each of us wants different things from a holiday. That said, most of us share a common desire to discover new places, connect (or reconnect) with loved ones and enjoy ourselves. As such, we pitched a concept that positioned the journey (both physical and emotional) as the destination.

This TV commercial series started with a soundtrack. We combined music with a series of sound effects to create a sense of motion. We worked to take audiences on a non-linear, emotional journey that was more about reproducing the wonder of exploration and discovery than going from A to B.

We developed scenes where our characters could interact and connect via the journey and it's environments. Camera style and movement was designed to create a sense of flow and connection, one thing leading into another, to support a very kinetic edit. The final 60sec commercial has around 72 shots.

Filming took us from Coffs Coast to Armidale and back along the Waterfall Way. We shot five long days with a small crew and very dedicated work experience student.



Video production agency: Good Eye Deer (Newcastle)
Director / DP: Gavin Banks
Producer: Olivia Olley
1st AC: Jesse Banks
2nd AC and 2nd unit drone: Jo McGaffin
Editor: Anthony Dempsey
Audio mastering: John Roy

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