It takes a special team to have the capacity to capture the essence of a project that’s still evolving as the shoot commences. When we watch and listen to the final film, it’s easy to see why everyone loves the viewing experience and appreciates the benefits our young participants gained from being part of the project. What you won’t see until you’ve worked with Good Eye Deer is the strength of their methodology, commitment to professionalism and determination to make a positive difference.

Trevor John - Director of Regional Development RDA Hunter

Regional Development Australia Corporate Video Sydney

the brief

Regional Development Australia (Hunter branch) and the Department of Education wanted to help government bodies understand the value of a pilot program they developed.


The Stem Industry Schools Partnerships (SISP) program matches regional schools with industry partners and technology programs to up-skill students and teachers in STEM. The pilot involved RDAs from three geographical regions (Hunter, Central West, and Southern Inland) who coordinated incursions and excursions with schools and industry. In line with the Education Council’s national goal, the focus of the pilot was to prepare regional students to start thinking about the industry jobs of tomorrow.


Good Eye Deer was approached to produce an emotive film that conveyed what the SISP program achieved and how it worked.

our approach

Audiences want to be engaged. We want to connect with the stories we watch. One of the best ways to do this is through personal stories.


Rather than filming comprehensive coverage of six STEM events (as was originally requested), we proposed taking audiences on a much more personal journey – a documentary-style journey into the lives and worlds of three child participants.


We like to focus on discovering who people are, how situations impact them, and what it all means. We chose to follow a child representative from each region who were about to participate in a SISP Project activity. After meeting our “hero” children, we followed their journey through and beyond the SISP activity. We aimed to find out how the experience impacted them. Through their own words and stories, we demonstrated how the Project strengthens industry/education relationships, and how this collaborative approach enhances a child’s future.


This creative approach focuses on the benefits for the student: what SISP means, rather than the details of how it works (though that does come through in the subtext). We believe that when audiences understand the real value of a product or service they are more likely to support it. The client wasn’t disappointed.


Assets produced

5 minute brand film for internal and government comms.

2.5min social media promotion

The Stem Industry Schools Partnerships Program - Teaser


Creative: Good Eye Deer

Video production company: Good Eye Deer – Newcastle

Director / DP: Gavin Banks
Producer: Olivia Olley
1st AC: Gavin Blyth
Editor: Anthony Dempsey
Sound Designer: John Roy

Regional Development Australia, Hunter

Regional Development Australia SISP Video Project Production Sydney & Newcastle NSW

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