This has been one of our favourite projects to date and we can’t thank Good Eye Deer enough! They were easy to work with, understood our vision for the project and were able to pivot as our needs changed and last minute decisions were made.

Lara Lebeck. Marketing & Communication Specialist Lions Clubs International Foundation

the brief

The LCIF disaster relief program provided much-needed resources to Australians affected by the 2019/20 bushfires.

Early in 2020 the LCIF chairperson, Gudrun Bjort Yngvadottir was touring Australia with local representative Barry Palmer. The Lions Foundation knew that many people affected by fires will need support for years to come due to the extent of the devastation. As such, the LCIF marketing team wanted to create fundraiser video speaking to the need for on-going support. In the documentary-style video, they wanted to feature the LCIF representatives as well as local recipients of the grant.

our approach

We knew from the beginning that this story was an important assignment. Across the summer of 2019/20, our country was on fire, and we were helpless bystanders.


When we got the call to produce the LCIF docu-story, we immediately pitched a concept that would blend their need to showcase the chairperson and craft a story to show the personal impact. The shoot was set for Balmoral NSW. We suggested that we use that town as an example of so many towns and people impacted – who LCIF supported and will continue to support. On our search for speakers, we came in contact with the local fire chief who could speak about his experience trying to control the largest fire he has come across in 40 years of service. We then lined up a mum and a retiree willing to speak to the impact upon their lives and the value of the support from LCIF. We shot just one week before the March 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. As such, when we took this project into the edit, we wanted to add in the layer that the COVID-19 pandemic only enhanced the need for on-going support.



  • 5-minute internal fundraiser documentary
  • 2.5min social media brand story
  • 30s social media spot
  • Subtitled in 12 languages, all 3 versions.
LCIF 2020 Australian Bushfires.
30 second social spot
LCIF 2020 Australian Bushfires.
Social media story


Creative: Good Eye Deer
Video Production Company: Good Eye Deer – Sydney

Director: Gavin Banks
Producer: Olivia Olley

Cinematographer: Gavin Banks

Editor: Jose Fernandez

Sound: John Roy

Lions Clubs International Foundation

Lions Clubs Australian Bushfire Relief Film Production Sydney & Newcastle NSW

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