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Our philosophy

Film is the myth of today. Like the stories of old, the screen content we create has tremendous power to influence what audiences think about, how they view themselves and how they view our world. In fact, we believe these stories, and the way we tell them, help shape the world of tomorrow.


Respecting the privileged position we have as storytellers, Good Eye Deer is developing film and TV content to connect, entertain and uplift broad, commercial audiences. We’re focusing on authentic stories that celebrate our shared humanity. Stories that explore the joy, wonder, trials and tribulations of life in all its diversity. We call them noisy stories about the stuff of life.

In cinema August '22

Everybody’s Oma is the story of Jason van Genderen, who makes home videos about his elderly Mother, ‘Oma’ and accidentally turns her into an internet sensation. Oma has dementia which adds a whole layer of complications to the family's unusual adventure.


EP and Editor
Funding support from Screen Australia and Screen NSW.  ANZ distribution by Bonsai Films. 
NSW Government screen NSW

Scripted Feature in development

Branded Video Production Sydney & Newcastle
Three relationship-challenged American women travel to Sydney in pursuit of the Great Australian Male, only to land in the middle of Mardi Gras where, one-by-one, all preconceived ideas of Australia are turned upside down.

Romantic-comedy, female-buddy movie

This project is under an advanced development grant from Screen Australia.

We strive to develop stories in a way that resonates with viable, commercial audiences

We love gritty stories about the human condition

20+ years producing advertising content has taught us that the best way to engage audiences is to tell (even difficult) stories in a way that entertains and inspires.


We’re attracted to authentic stories that bring people together through our shared humanity.


The vehicles of comedy and drama allow us to see ourselves reflected through characters, be it an indulgent fantasy of an alter-ego, the shadow side of ourselves, or the person we strive to be.

Partnering with international industry professionals

As producers, we’re collaborators with vision.


We build strong, talented teams who leave their egos at the door.


We actively partner with with international producers, creatives and industry professionals – and work with teams where the uniqueness of the individual contributes to the strength and quality of the project.

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An interpreter is caught between his job, his ethics and his family.


online series

How does one cope with life as a single person in a world designed for couples?

by a
true story

TV series

An Australian artist searches for love and battles depression in 1950s France.

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