1. Produce an educational recruitment DVD to encourage people to learn about and consider becoming a foster carer.

The educational video must dispel myths about foster care, show how challenging (and yet rewarding) becoming a foster carer is, and highlight the advantages of fostering with Catholic Care.

2. Create a positive and inspiring branding TV Commercial campaign showing the scope of services available through Catholic Care.



How do you show how Catholic Care and its foster parents work without revealing the identity of any foster children?

We consulted with Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Post Stephens families to learn their stories and foster care methods. The documentary-style video had engaging interview content, however for visual overlay, we had to be clever in disguising the identity of foster children. The result is a combination of clever cinematography, child-drawings, and non-foster children willing to participate.

By hearing true stories of foster care we were able to custom build an emotional experience for  Catholic Care's target audience.


Client: Catholic Care
Agency:  Little Green Frog
Video Production Company: Good Eye Deer, Newcastle