Produce a training video which covered all the processes for how to re-sleeper a railway network.
The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) requested we use the the Hunter Valley 200+ Network upgrade as an example for how to manage, execute and understand the scope of a concrete re-sleepering project. The target audience is new Project Managers joining ARTC in Newcastle.


How do you make a training video about changing the sleepers under the train tracks interesting?

The high-energy teaser is designed to entice the target audience prior to watching the longer training video.

For the ARTC we covered every process of the re-sleepering job with beautiful cinematography. We then combine engaging interviews from our Rail experts to create a compelling look into what it takes to strengthen the rail network.


WINNER: Best Training Video, Australian Video Producers Association Awards 2013

WINNER: CERTIFICATE of CREATIVE EXCELLENCE, US International Film and Video Festival 2014


The team engaged with ARTC and project stakeholders to the extent that they personally understood the nature and complexity of the task.

- Evan Carman, ARTC