By Gavin Banks

Here at Good Eye Deer we understand the benefits of creative collaboration. We love working with outside companies like marketing agencies on projects. What better way to hear new ideas, brainstorm with like-minded individuals and work outside your square.


This week we are on location filming three National Television Commercials for Mitsubishi Electric. During this project we are collaborating with digital agency Treehouse Creative. With Jason van Genderan as Creative Director, Good Eye Deer’s Gavin Banks as Cinematographer and Olivia Olley as Producer the creative energy has been flowing…or should we say blowing! Part of the commercial involves filming talent in the skydive ‘iFly’ simulator.

The Power Of Collaboration Film Content Production Newcastle & Sydney NSW

This won’t be our first collaboration with Treehouse Creative, in the past we have produced other Mitsubishi Electric TV Commercials with their team. Click on these links to watch TVCs for L4 GrandeDucted Air and Signature Series.

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of producing a TV commercial for the Salvation Army via our connections with Mezzanine Media. The ‘Couch’ project is a significant project voicing the issue of youth sleeping on the streets. It was a rewarding experience on all levels.

“It’s great to work with other creatives – to realise an idea. Filmmaking is a collaborative process. Having different perspectives and a range of creatives giving in-put always makes the product better”. 


– Gavin Banks, Creative director, GED.

Collaborations occur when we are approached by agencies with a brief and a developed concept. Working with them we technically achieve their idea to the best of our ability. Our crew are highly experienced with lighting gaffers, producers and make up artists who have worked on high-budget films and TVC’s in the Australian industries.


If you have an idea you would like to see brought to life, or are looking for a creative collaboration, contact us for a meeting. We would love to collaborate with you.        0403 612 760