By Olivia Olley

We all know how important integrity is in life. The importance of meaning what we say and do – and that we follow through.


Integrity in brand is also vital. A film/video has the potential to give a brand real character, to take it off the page or website and help it live and breathe. Whether that is done well or not can either potentially harm the brand or get people excited!


The way a film is made needs to be able to suit ‘who’ the brand is. If a brand is light and airy – then a film will need to reflect that. At Good Eye Deer we have at our disposal all necessary elements in relation to picture, sound, music, talent and editing to achieve any feel. When all these elements work together and all point in the same direction (without conflict) we find that integrity rings true. If we really got to the essence of why ‘Film A is good, but Film B is not’, it would be about all those different elements making up the film and having some awesome harmony – a truth. That harmony and truth being what creates the integrity.


How do we capture the truth?


One of the things we at GED work hard at when making films, is to try to do a character justice. With testimonial video interviews for example; we want to make it feel as natural as possible. This often means needing a lot of lighting, a good crew and attention to every detail. You do not want hair, makeup or clothing being a distraction.


When we see a movie where characters say or do something that is unbelievable, something within us goes, ‘no, I don’t think so’. Whereas with a good, well-executed script and quality directing, we will be sucked into a story and forget we are watching a film. We will just be experiencing something. When any film is done properly it feels real (true). Being consumers of SO much media these days, we are used to content being of a certain quality. We don’t have much tolerance for media that is not up to standard.


At GED we make corporate, educational films and commercials that aim to draw people in and help them to suspend disbelief. The goal to a truthful film is to keep audiences engaged with the story because they believe what they are hearing and it rings true to them. A critical part of that is to also emotionally engage an audience, if you don’t do this you will lose them.


A film that has integrity (capturing the essence of a brand) can do great things for your company. One client of ours in particular got a 1200% ROI within four months of launching their film. They had such success, they had to pull their film off their website because they were met with such demand they couldn’t meet it.


We have all watched a film that doesn’t work for us, when something is just ‘not right’. That could be for many reasons, but the main thing is we are taken ‘out of the story’. When it doesn’t work for us, we stop suspending disbelief and start to view it as ‘just a film’. So to make successful films with integrity for your brand, you must include good filmmaking techniques. If you are going to do a film, make sure it is serving your brand and rings true with the qualities your brand reflects. It is better not to do something, than to do something poorly.


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