Emotionally engaging your audience with video

By Gavin Banks

NEWS RELEASE: Ahead of the marcus evans CMO Summit 2017, read here an interview with Gavin Banks discussing how well-crafted brand videos and commercials can create an emotional experience that connects brands with audiences and brings a brand to life.

“There is no better way to engage your audience emotionally than through a well-made film. Consumers today are bombarded with messages on social media and TV. The best way to cut through the noise is a combination of colour, movement and a story that resonates. The medium of video, be it a commercial, brand film or other video content, offers Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) the potential to get audiences to make an emotional investment in their brand,” 


Gavin Banks, Managing Director, Good Eye Deer Pty Ltd.

(The “Create your paradise” national tourism campaign rebranded the Coffs Coast. It saw a 40% increase in traffic to the Coffs Coast website and resulted in a 10-20% increase in turnover across the region over the 2016 Christmas holidays).

how do videos allow cmos to better engage with an audience?


Like film, the true power of video lies in its capacity to impact audiences at an emotional level. If you are not leveraging that, your brand is missing out on the most powerful marketing tool available. While the power of emotive photography has long been valued in advertising, many brands underestimate the power of a well-crafted video. In a very real sense it offers the potential to bring your brand to life: video can create a brand personality that lives and breathes, has colour, texture and feeling – and works for you 24/7.


There is real value in CMOs making conscious choices around the quality, style and content of their videos.


Now, more than ever, video is accessible. It is also on the way to becoming the most popular source of information, education and entertainment available. YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world – and growing. Posts on social that include video have a 50 percent higher take-up than posts that do not.


How can CMOs ensure a video is designed with business objectives in mind?


To effectively promote a brand a video needs to be informed by your core brand values. Visually and stylistically it needs to reflect them. It also has to speak with a voice and language that your audience can understand.

To create a video that supports your business objectives we recommend starting a conversation around four essential questions:


1) What does your brand stand for? (your video needs to reflect these)
2) Who is your audience? (your video needs to resonate with them)
3) Wt is your message? (your video needs to be relevant)
4) Where / How will your audience engage with the media? (your video needs to be assessable).


The answers to these questions need to inform everything from the narrative of your story to the way the content is filmed.


What mistakes do you see often? What do CMOs overlook?


Brands often try to create videos that outline the ‘What, How and Why’ of everything they do. They try to tick all the boxes (better served by the copy of a website) but end up missing the chance to emotionally engage an audience, and, therefore, get any buy-in. We think a better use of time and resources is to focus on creating content that will give the customer a sense of how they will feel when experiencing the product or service.


If we consider the things that stay with us – that we hold as memories – we remember moments charged with emotion. The same can be said of content we view. We remember things that make us feel something. As such, we would recommend starting by trying to meet an emotional need through your film – to excite, inspire, entertain, reassure.


There is real value in CMOs making conscious choices around the quality, style and content of their videos. If brands fail to look at these in depth marketers are missing out on significant gains. But when you get it right the return on investment will not disappoint.


Interview with Gavin Banks, Managing Director, Good Eye Deer Pty Ltd, a sponsor company at the Marcus Evans CMO Summit 2017, taking place in the Gold Coast, Australia, 14 – 16 August.




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