Childbirth movie celebrating women’s choice in childbirth – international screening

By Gavin Banks

Our independent documentary, The Face of Birth will be released around the world on March 8, 2013 – International Women’s day. On this day throughout the world we are celebrating women’s choice in childbirth and we invite you join us. By hosting a screening of the movie in your town or city you can help spread the word about the need to respect and protect a woman’s right to choose how where and with whom she gives birth.


If childbirth issues and women’s rights are important to you – host a screening of this film on March 8 2013 and join in the international screenings where we celebrate the power of choice.


For details on how you can host a screening go to:


The Face of Birth has been successful in putting pressure on the Australian Government to make changes to maternity policy. Now it is time to take the film to the rest of the world. Use this film to create awareness and help change government policy in your state or country.