How to choose the best agency for your corporate video

By Gavin Banks

Video is fast becoming a vital tool for communicating with the world about your organisation or company. Whether you want to incorporate video into your website, corporate marketing tools or create a film to stand on its own, producing a great video is not easy. If you want to create an effective video (one that gets a ROI) you will need the help of professionals. Corporate video production Sydney: How to choose the best agency for you is a step-by-step guide to help you choose the right video production company for you.


1. Agency or video production company?

Many advertising agencies offer video production as one of a range of marketing services. Those who produce lots of video generally have an in-house team for small jobs but outsource to specialists for more important projects. Video production companies, on the other hand, specialise in video. They usually offer a range of corporate video production services while focusing on one or two specific areas. Engaging an agency that already knows your brand can bring economy of scale, and consistency of tone, but that path rarely affords video the attention it deserves. A good video production company, by contrast, will offer the opportunity to engage with specialists to create a strong film that not only delivers a clear message but also builds you brand.


2. Assess the potential production company’s track record

Are they new in the business or can they provide you with recent examples of their work? Unless you are after a music video, don’t be fooled by flashy showreels – it’s easy to make a summary of highlights look great with fast cuts and a catchy track. To judge the effectiveness of the company’s corporate work (the real quality of their corporate video production) make sure you see complete, finished videos similar to what you want. If you find the videos hard to watch, so will your clients. Pretty pictures are not enough to hold an audience. Look for companies that tell compelling stories.


3. Find out what others say about their video production experience

Client testimonials give insight into two important things: the quality of the service (how good the customer experience is) and client satisfaction with the final corporate video. Check out what others have said about the production company you like. Make sure the feedback is consistent and recent so you know what to expect. Another great benchmark is industry video production awards. Find out what recent awards your company has won.


4. Know what is important to your video (and what is not)

Your primary audience (as well as where and how they will interact with the film) will determine the kind of video you want. It will also determine the type of production company you need. Determine the production values (level of quality), genre (type of video), duration, style and delivery medium (TV, web, intranet, USB, computer, BluRay, DVD) your video will require, and look for companies that have produced similar work. Most importantly, know what you are willing and not willing to compromise on, and make sure you see evidence that the production company can deliver it. Showing examples of other videos you like can be a great way to communicate your wants.


5. Be clear (and realistic) about the budget range of your film

Asking a video production company to quote on a video without knowing your budget is like trying to buy a car without knowing how much you want to spend. Like a car, the cost of a video is determined by how good it looks, how well it is designed to perform, and the amount of time and resources that go into making it. Be honest about whether you are after something cheap to get you from A to B; the latest Bentley or something in between. Because you only get what you pay for, identify what is important and what you are willing to compromise on. By stating your budget range upfront you can challenge the creativity of a production company to work out how to make the best use of your budget rather than wasting their time guessing what you can afford.


6. Know (and like) who you will be working with

To make a great video takes a substantial investment of time. You will want to like the people you are working with. Before you decide which production company to use, meet them. Find out who you will work with. Will you deal directly with the filmmakers or via an account manager? Are the people you will work with the ones who produced the videos you responded to on their site? Are they respectful, professional and willing to work with you? Do you like the way they communicate? Can they work with your timeline, availability, restrictions, and schedule? Make sure that the company chosen have good communicators and are committed to bringing the video together the way you want.

These are just some questions to consider when looking for a corporate video production company. To find out more please contact us or visit our website to learn more about our corporate video production services.  Cite this article to receive a free 45 min consultation about your next corporate video.

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