5 Steps to Creating the Best Video for Your Business

By Gavin Banks

Video is one of the most powerful mediums of communication available. In fact, it is becoming an indispensable tool for showing the world your business as well as marketing your enterprise. Here are our 5 steps to creating the best video for your business.


1. It All Starts with the Concept

Just like all great movies start with a killer screenplay, you can’t make a great video for your business without a strong concept or script. Consider having a neutral third party develop a concept based upon key information like your business objectives, your target audience, your message (problems solved/benefits provided), and desired outcomes.


2. Favour Brevity and Simplicity

If you can say it in a couple of sentences or express it in a minute or two, don’t make the video longer than it has to be. Focus on your key message/s and strive for punchy and impactful in your business videos.


3. Make Sure the Audio is Polished

Yes, it is a video, and good visuals will be important; however, that isn’t a reason to skimp on the audio. Many filmmakers believe that up to 70% of the impact of a film comes from the soundtrack. Take care that the speaking/audio portion of your video is clear and on-point, and use a polished, professional voice over if warranted.


4. The Magic of Music

Music is a powerful tool for setting the tone for your message. Add an emotive musical track for added impact and engagement – but don’t overdo it.


5. Outsource Your Business Video to a Professional

While certain videos and subjects can look charming filmed with a smartphone or by an amateur, you’ll want a trained eye choosing how and what to film. Creating a great video takes a combination of specialised technical skills, knowledge and experience. An award-winning video production company like Good Eye Deer can ensure that a video for your business will have all of the elements of success.


Want a film that will get results? Involve professionals to make a great video for your business, contact us to get started.