Get the attention your brand deserves through promotional videos that resonate with your target market

Help potential customers ‘get’ what you do through promotional videos that get traction

Your future customers are already in the market for the products/services you offer – they just don’t know it (yet). At Good Eye Deer, we help them realise it. Our promotional videos produce the attention you want by highlighting the emotional benefits your product/service delivers your customers. But we do more than identify the wants and needs of your audience. By speaking to them about what they care about in their language, we help your audience to “get it” or get you. We help them understand the value of your brand to them, and then take action.

Good Eye Deer is professional, thorough and extremely knowledgeable about video production and digital marketing. They think strategically and understand our brand.

Brooke Newstead, Senior Comunications Officer (Campaigns), NSW Dept. Finance, Services and Innovation

Connect with your audience through emotive stories that resonate

Emotion influences consumer decisions more than any other factor. For video advertising to be effective, it needs to do more than capture your audience’s attention. It needs to inspire, excite or move them.

Our promotional videos make your brand relevant by showing how you meet your audiences’ emotional needs. But we also craft films with your brand’s persona and values in mind. This produces an asset that promotes your brand 24/7, creates emotional connections with your audience, and brings your brand’s personality to life in a smart, relevant and visual way.

Move forward with confidence supported by agency-level creative and production services  

Our creative expertise and production capabilities work for agency partnerships and small marketing teams in medium-to-large business. We’re a perfect fit for marking managers who need an external team of video specialist to help them achieve their marketing goals. We love collaborating on creative, but we’re also team players who can roll out the scripted content you’ve developed (check out our Production Facilitation Services). If you’re looking to produce high-concept, agency-level promotional videos, corporate films or Brand films, we’ve got you covered.

Deliver on-time and on-budget with cost-effective promotional video production solutions

We’re budget-conscious producers. Once we understand the scope of your promotional video, and the budget is determined, it’s a fixed fee. No surprises, no hidden costs. And no over-promising on what can be achieved on the allocated budget. If you want to change the scope, that’s your prerogative, and we can renegotiate then. Otherwise, our guaranteed price point means you can relax and know the job will get done without fuss.

What you won’t see until you’ve worked with Good Eye Deer is the strength of their methodology, their commitment to professionalism and their determination to make a positive difference.

Trevor John,
Director of Regional Development, RDA Hunter

For more examples of the promotional videos we have produced, please visit our Contents page.

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