We were asked to create a 15 second commercial promoting the comedic play from producer Daniel Stoddart and the Popular Theatre Company. Daniel's vision for the commercial was to feature Python-esque cut-out of Shakespeare's head which laughs uncontrollably. Daniel was so excited about this idea that he wanted the head to laugh for the maximum amount of time possible.



We worked backwards in timing this commercial. First we timed the "call to action" end slates to include all necessary information in the shortest amount of time. Once we were all happy on the timing at the end, we filled the remaining 12 seconds with laughter from Shakespeare's head. To mix the commercial up slightly, we decided to start the commercial off  conservatively. We sourced classical music and a traditional picture frame to introduce Shakespeare. After a few seconds the commercial goes wild; with Shakespeare's head bouncing around the screen laughing manically as the background swirls with colour. It was a fun project to create and we loved working with Daniel Stoddart to get this TVC as silly as possible within the budget and time restraints.



We loved working with Good Eye Deer on our TVC project! Gavin and Olivia really listened to our concept and what we were trying to achieve. They delivered an end result that well and truly exceeded our expectations in a professional and slick way. Our deadline was also met easily, making the process very stress free.

The Popular Theatre Company


Client: The Popular Theatre Company
Agency: Good Eye Deer
Producer: Olivia Olley
Director: Gavin Banks
Animator: Andy Gallagher
Delivery format: TV & web