Produce an online training module for specialist doctors and nurses. The training website must be easy to use and include informative videos to help explain what TeleHealth is, how to use the medical communication system and what are the benefits of TeleHealth are for both patients and doctors. UNSW specifically wanted the video content to be engaging and help eliminate the technological fear doctors have for taking up the service.


Client: UNSW - Psychosocial Research Group

Agency: Good Eye Deer
Co-producer: Elvira Zilliacus
Delivery format: DVD & web
Web Design: Made By Ronnoco 


We were originally asked to write a script and work with actors to create scenarios describing the TeleHealth experience. To get an understanding of what the TeleHealth service is, we worked closely with the research team at UNSW. During this time we realised how beneficial TeleHealth is to doctors and patients, and how much all parties enjoyed the service. We quickly decided our documentary-style video approach would be perfect for this online training module. We interviewed the leading TeleHealth professionals and two willing patients. The content was so rich that 15 videos were created. Each video was crafted according to the text content in each module. We believe what makes the TeleHealth website excel is that the videos reveal academic information on an emotional level.


It's not easy to engage an audience in technical information. Good Eye Deer not only delivered beautiful imagery and engaging story telling, they changed the way I approach online learning. When we sat down with the brief, I had a traditional learning model in mind. At Gavin and Olivia's suggestion, we adopted a documentary approach that conveyed the actual experiences of clinicians and patients, and it completely changed the direction of the program. We were very fortunate to be able to work with such a talented and professional team. Good Eye Deer gave a potentially dry subject a sense of heart and soul.

Elvira Zilliacus - TeleHealth Project Manager & Research Officer Psychosocial Research Group, Prince of Wales Hospital.