Is there a cost-effective way to extend the life of the SafeWork NSW brand film and campaign?


Testimonial videos always create much more content than can ever be used in a single film. Regardless of how great the content is, there is only so much that can be included if we want to keep our audience's attention. So what can we do with that extra content?

We recommended that SafeWork NSW create a series of short stories (or vignettes) using the extra content. We revisited each of our original character interviews and looked at how we could piece together a story using just their responses. We took our favourite grabs and combined them with new, previously unused interview material to weave a personal narrative around a range of themes.

The result is five new films that take us deeper into the lives of the characters from the brand film. This branded content also provides the opportunity to highlight the services  that SafeWork NSW offer, one of the objectives of the campaign.

But how cost effective is it? Because we could leverage the shoot and edit time from the original film, the five, 2-3 min vignettes were produced for around the same fee as the original brand film. SafeWork NSW got five for the price of an additional one!


As a government organisation, SafeWork NSW is unable to offer testimonial.


Agency: Direct
Video production company: Good Eye Deer - Newcastle
Director / DP: Gavin Banks
Producer: Olivia Olley
1st AC: Gavin Blyth
Editor: Karl Pearson
Sound designer: John Roy

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