SAFE WORK NSW - brand re-fresh

the brief

In 2015 the safety regulator, WorkCover NSW, underwent a transformation. The organisation restructured to create three new brands, each taking on part of the mandate of the original organisation. SaferWork NSW was designed to be a government organisation devoted to the delivery of a range of easy-to-use services beneficial to business owners (large and small). And their staff were to put a focus on being approachable, helpful and above all supportive. How do you convince an entrenched audience that the new regulator is not just the old agency with a new coat of paint?

our approach

Few customers believe the claims that companies make about themselves. Most people, however, accept the recommendations of credible others.

To build credibility we proposed taking viewers behind the scenes of a range of businesses to look at how SafeWork NSW supports business and their staff in the real world. We travelled the state to find businesses representing a range of sizes and industries with a focus on hearing the stories of those who have had first-hand experiences of the new regulator. Instead of a voice over boasting the qualities and aspirations of the new company direction we chose to use documentary style interview grabs with SafeWork NSW clients. Hand held camera was utilised to give viewers a sense of presence – being there with the clients. A simple music track with a strong rhythmic drive was chosen to set a down-to-earth tone for the film.

We also created a teaser version of the branding film. (see below)

Assets Produced​

This docu-series saw the production of several pieces of branded content


  • Safe Work NSW Brand film
  • 60 second cut down of Brand film
  • 5 vignettes on various business owners
    • Chris’s Story
    • Viv’s Story
    • Eric’s Story
    • Katreen’s Story
    • Craig’s Story
  • All videos were mastered out with closed captions.

60 second cut down

Chris's Story

Viv's Story

Eric's Story

Katreen's Story

Craig's Story


Creative: Good Eye Deer

Video production company: Good Eye Deer – Newcastle

Director / DP: Gavin Banks

Producer: Olivia Olley 

Editor: Karl Pearson

Sound designer: John Roy

SafeWork NSW website

Safe Work NSW Brand Film Production Newcastle & Sydney

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