Newcastle band, Roses For Raychael have a relatively large online following. The main demographic is teenage girls 12 - 17. The band wanted a slick music video that would show off the band, (for those who do not get to see their live gigs) and they wanted the film to emulate music videos that already exist in the screamer-rock genre. They also wanted the song to feature a puppet, in some way.


To begin the creative process we held in-depth discussions with the band members about their target audience, what they wanted the video to achieve, and how they wanted it to look. We then viewed examples of music videos that emulated the look and style Roses For Raychael was after. Once we knew the ‘look’ and objective of the video, we held creative discussions with the band about what the song was about. From there, we crafted an idea to fit the genre of the music video; we incorporated their desire to see a puppet in the clip, and balanced the puppet narrative with imagery of the band playing – so the fans can see their favourite band in action.


WINNER: Best Music Video, Australian Video Producers Awards 2013


Agency: Good Eye Deer
Creative Director: Gavin Banks
Producer: Olivia Olley
Director: Olivia Olley
DP: Gavin Banks
Camera Assistant: Andy Gallagher
Assistant Editor: Karl Pearson
Editor: Gavin Banks