Create a film to help raise money for PCYC NSW - a not for profit NFP organisation. Featuring the success story of one outstanding PCYC NSW Police Officer this promotional video showcases one aspect of the work conducted by PCYC Police :working with local detectives to help stop child prostitution in the area. To protect the identities of town and civilians we cannot show the whole film online.



We crafted the film's narrative in such a way that the feature story alludes to the bigger PCYC NSW picture. The objective (to raise money for PCYC NSW) was the driving force behind how we structured the film. By using creative camera and editing techniques we were able to evoke an emotional engagement with our audience.

We worked around our restriction (to keep the identities of the civilians and the location of the town hidden), by commissioning actors from Newcastle's The Talent Agency to play the role of the teenage girls. We also filmed in a variety of locations, so no town or PCYC NSW facility can be identified as the setting of this true story. We believe the result is a beautifully crafted story of how PCYC NSW can bring hope to under-privlidged children.





Client: PCYC NSW, Sydney
Agency: Good Eye Deer
Director: Gavin Banks
Producer: Olivia Olley
Editor: Gavin Banks