One York Street, Sydney, is owned and operated by Chinese investment company, HNA. Management required a film to showcase the refurbished office tower for two audiences: Chinese investors at the upcoming AGM and potential tenants interested in office space in Sydney's CBD. HNA wanted to feature the building's flexible floor-plan, central location, modern facilities and community culture. They also wanted to emphasise their business-class concierge service. Finally they wanted to create a balance between the professionalism and versatility of the space while emphasising that the people in the building create a warm and connected community.



How do you make a film about an office building exciting? How do you reflect a corporate culture when most people sit at work stations and interact with either a screen or phone? We decided to focus on showing the diverse range of individuals who inhabit the space and show how they interact with it. After all it is people who audiences connect with and people who make a community.

We worked in collaboration with the One York concierge to get a "feel" for the building and it's community. We found the building was home to professional yet casual tenants, the heart of the building was the foyer and cafe, and the corporations housed on each floor designed their offices to match their brand-image.

To highlight the versatility of the floorspace we selected three companies to feature, each with their own corporate look and fit-out. We worked with the concierge to cast staff from a range of demographics and businesses in the building to show diversity.

To showcase the community, space and tenants, we chose to visually connect them from the start.  We elected to move through the building in a kinetic and organic way, filming over-the-shoulder shots of tenants walking through a variety of spaces - past different facilities, office areas and communal spaces. These shots we contrasted with strong hero shots featuring the key facilities and closeups of our non-actor talent interacting with each other and the space. We shot a range of coverage with our non-actors to ensure we would have enough convincing moments to make the edit work.

In the edit we set a quick pace to create the energy required to reflect One York's upbeat culture. We focussed on moments that showed engagement or connection with the space and colleagues. We used the colour grade to reflect the brand with a cool corporate look. To enable the film to be screened without sound at conferences and in the building foyer we chose to use text and graphics (instead of a voice over) to highlight the building's location and key features. And yes, we purpose-shot the aerial footage over beautiful Sydney Harbour to show audiences exactly where the building is located.



Agency: Direct
Video production company: Good Eye Deer - Sydney
Producer: Olivia Olley
Director: Gavin Banks
DP: Gavin Blyth
Editor: Anthony Dempsey
Audio mastering: John Roy