Octet wanted to produce a series of videos that would promote awareness of their brand and the various products they deliver. The Finance Service company's goal was to show how their products benefit Australian and international buyers and sellers. The primary audience was Australian businesses buying and selling both locally and overseas across a broad range of industries. Octet originally requested a series of animated explainer videos but they were also looking for something different - something they could be inspired by. 


Many companies try to promote their business by talking about the features of their products. Unfortunately, most consumers are not interested in features until they understand the value of the brand/product/service. Once consumers understand the personal value, they want to know more. 

We felt that a benefit-focused brand film and a series of promotional videos would work best for Octet's marketing needs. The brand video would feature the key elements of the product videos, with the focus that the brand is a leader in their field with a sophisticated product offering. As such, we produced one high-concept video per product and a brand film that would tie all the information together. Each of the videos was designed similar to a TVC - speaking to the main benefits to the Octet customer. For the brand video, the key benefit we focused on was that Octet enables opportunity and which in turn helps grow business.


Agency: Direct
Video production company: Good Eye Deer, Sydney
Director: Gavin Banks
Producer: Olivia Olley
Associate Director/Producer: Karl Pearson
Animator: Albert Oriol

Octet: Powering Business (website)