The Mito Foundation wants an aspirational video to get people to support (or keep supporting) the important work we do. We want an emotive video that conveys the benefits we deliver to the community.

The video will primarily be used online to help:
a) retain existing supporters
b) convert prospective supporters
c) reactivate lapsed supporters

The video needs to reflect the messaging and tone-of-voice of the brand. A version of the film will be screened at our 10th Gala dinner in May 2019.


The Mito Foundation (TMF) supports three main strands: research; families living with Mito; and Government lobbying.

The best way to show how valuable an organisation is, is to show the human benefits it delivers. We proposed creating a film that features a series of inspiring stories - the stories of people who represent each of the Foundation’s support strands.

1) A researcher - who can talk about the amazing work the Foundation is enabling because of money donated
2) A family - who can speak to how Foundation support has significantly changed their lives and given hope
3) Lobbying efforts - someone who can explain the importance of continuing to advocate change.


Agency: Good Eye Deer
Video production company: Good Eye Deer - Sydney
Director / DP: Gavin Banks
Producer: Olivia Olley
1st AC: Karl Pearson
Editor: Karl Pearson
Sound designer: John Roy

The Mito Foundation, Australia