Along with their 2016 brand film, Many Rivers also wanted to produce three case-study stories of key clients. The new films needed to emotionally engage audiences so they “buy in” to the Many Rivers vision. It needed to convey the importance and scope of the service and show the impact of what has and is being achieved around Australia.

The target audience for the films is supporters (existing and potential) who include: government, corporate and philanthropists (generally, over 30yrs of age). Secondary audience: Potential clients + website visitors.


Real, lasting change was the story we knew would resonate with audiences. And the vignettes were the perfect place to flesh out the individual stories from the main brand film.

Much of the work to create the narratives of the vignettes had already been done when identifying the grabs we used for the main film. Each character had been chosen because of a specific emphasis or situation they could illustrate. We let them share their stories and let the pictures add to the magic.

This story focused on Marileen and her indigenous cleaning business, Wangkatcha in Woorabinda, Qld.

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It was a real pleasure to work with Good Eye Deer. They were able to ask the right questions and steer our thinking to draw out what it was that we wanted to accomplish through the project. They allowed us to stay as engaged as we wanted in the creative process so we always felt we knew where we stood and communicated potential challenges in advance so we could plan for a solution if required. The results are evident in the film. The team effectively drew out our clients’ authentic self so what we have is a true reflection of their journey with us in their own words. The product is beautiful and engaging but it was only possible because of the process that Good Eye Deer took us through.

Glenda Chang,
Head of Business Development,
Many Rivers


Agency: Direct
Video production company: Good Eye Deer - Sydney
Producers: Gavin Banks and Olivia Olley
Writer / Director / DP: Gavin Banks
Camera assistant / sound recordist: Jesse Banks
Editor: Anthony Dempsey
Audio mastering: John Roy

Many Rivers Microfinance Limited