Create a national TV Commercial to appeal to an audience of 30 - 45 showcasing three aspects of charity work conducted by Lions Australia: Disaster Relief, Community Support and Medical Research. The objective of the commercials is to bring more, younger members to Lions Australia, and reinforce the strength of the organisation to already committed members. The national media recruitment campaign for the commercials will be called Two More Hands.


Once in development, we quickly determined that the Lions Australia Two More Hands campaign was both a recruitment and an awareness campaign. Our objective was to increase the profile of the charity organisation and show that they are modern and can appeal to a younger market. There was too much information for one TV commercial. We discussed with Lions Australia the option of creating three commercials - one for each charity strand. Three commercials (opposed to one) will allow for a stronger and more consistent re-enforcement of the brand.

To maximise our screen time, we placed the name of the commercial in the mise en scene. Stylistically, we repeated specific frame shots, props, and produced a soundtrack which could be used in each commercial. This is our second TVC for the series. Sponsors were Lend Lease who provided the community centre, Avis provided the car, and Keo Match Creative graffitied 'Two More Hands' on the building.


FINALIST Best TV Commercial, Australian Video Producers Association Awards 2013


“I had the pleasure of working with Good Eye Deer in the production of our latest television marketing program. The team was responsive, creative, flexible, and most importantly, really engaged with our organisation and it’s people. We aren’t an easy organisation to understand and the diversity of our projects and programs can be very confusing. They were able to involve our members and come up with a product that uniquely told our story, mostly without words; just exciting, inspirational, and truly authentic images and sounds.  I loved the way that they presented our organisation with humour and care.

Most organisations have time pressures and the team at Good Eye Deer delivered on this expectation – timely without being rushed. They also represent great value for money, working very hard to deliver quality within our agreed budget.

We would definitely, positively use them again… that’s right, we have!”

Rob Oerlemans - Executive Officer at Lions Australia


Client: Lions Australia, (Newcastle)
Agency: Direct
Video production company: Good Eye Deer, Newcastle
Client Producer: Diane Michael
Agency Producer: Olivia Olley
Director: Gavin Banks
Brand Designer: Raz O'Connor
Starring: Lauren O'Brien