Former PCYC NSW General Manager of Communications and Marketing, Phillip Ross, asked us to create a high-concept video for the launch of his new creative strategy agency, Hunter & King. This promotional video production needed to be beautiful. It also needed to be artsy and showcase a range of people and locations from the city of Newcastle, NSW. Finally, the client required the film to feature aspects of arts-culture, business and industry.

The promotional video will be used both for corporate presentations and in social media to introduce businesses owners to the brand-building power of strategic creative production.


This was an ambitious but extremely enjoyable film project. Hunter & King Director, Phillip Ross, was the client behind the multi award-winning educational video series (produced for the PCYC NSW Traffic Offenders Intervention Program). In the seven-part series, that won both national and international acclaim, he gave Good Eye Deer full creative control. This project was no different.

Working closely with the team at Hunter & King we developed a script, style and feel for the promotional spot. The spot needed lots of energy so we developed a shooting and editing style that would help build energy and support the narrative. A range of local actors, musicians and locations were auditioned to showcase the offerings of Newcastle. A range of different cameras were chosen to facilitate different shooting needs. The whole project was shot in around a day and a half and followed by an intensive edit to bring it all together.


The team at Good Eye Deer are brilliant at sensing what’s right and true in any message. What sets them apart is their ability to engage an audience with the magic of that truth."

Phillip Ross
Director, Hunter & King

Client: Hunter & King, Newcastle
Agency: Direct
Video production company: Good Eye Deer, Newcastle
Client Producer: Phillip Ross
Agency Producer: Olivia Olley
Writers: Phillip Ross, Olivia Olley, Gavin Banks
Director / Cinematographer: Gavin Banks
Assistant Editor: Danny Mc Neill

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