Olivia Olley's foray into documentary film making began with this short film, HOOKED, (2010). Olivia was fascinated that an underground body suspension culture not only exists, but lives strong in many cities around the world. Inspiration to document the process of body suspension came from the famed artist, Stelarc. After seeing images of Stelarc's "performance art" where he famously suspended his body over high-rises of New York City, Olivia became fascinated to a world so foreign to her - so she just had to uncover the story: Why do ordinary people choose to suspend themselves from metal hooks? The result is a confronting short documentary that will keep audiences talking long after the credits roll.


A short documentary about why people choose to suspend their bodies from hooks. What is the allure of body suspension? Who are the people involved? And what do each of them get out of the experience? This short film is an examination of the underground body suspension culture, delivered ethically, and with integrity, for those involved.


Content in this video may disturb some viewers.


Official Selection St Kilda Film Festival 2011, The Melbourne Underground Film Festival, 2011, The Angry Film Festival, 2011 and, The Real Film Festival, 2012.


Director / Writer / Producer: Olivia Olley
DP: Torben Ross
Editor: Sean McCart