Produce an emotive brand video for the staff of Australia's largest childcare provider, G8 Education. The purpose of the film is to introduce the five core values (passion, dedication, integrity, innovation and compassion) that underpin the success of the company's childcare centres. Having grown from around 65 centres in 2014 to over 400 in 2016, the company will use this video a tool to celebrate and promote corporate values to centre managers and their staff.


Passion, integrity, innovation, dedication and compassion - by subscribing to these values G8 Education provides a fun and safe environment for kids to grow and learn. These values don’t just determine what staff do, they determine how they do it. Our goal was to find visual ways to represent the how. Our focus was not to show all the things that a child can do in a G8 centre, it was to show how well-cared-for children are by the dedicated staff.

Most parents want to have their kids looked after with the love and dedication they would experience at home. We focussed on identifying and capturing moments that demonstrated this. We used handheld camera to create a subjective point of view to draw viewers into the scene as if they were actually there. We focussed on getting a mixture of intimate close-ups (to highlight tender moments of care) and mid to wide shots showing context. Context was important to show the appropriate care of kids. And anything deemed intimate was only shown in an obviously public context.


Good Eye Deer created a beautiful and emotive video – exactly what we wanted.  Plus they managed to deliver this project within a short turnaround time, so extra kudos for that. The team at Good Eye Deer are very talented and I was confident through the entire process that they would deliver a ‘Good Eye Deer’ film.  If you look through their portfolio, you will know what I mean by that.

Erin Day, Marketing Manager, G8 Education


Client: G8 Education, Gold Coast
Writer / Director: Gavin Banks
Producer: Olivia Olley
Production manager: Clair Downie
Camera operator: Gavin Blyth
Editor: Karl Pearson
Sound design: John Roy

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G8 Education staff website