How do you encourage drivers to help young, indigenous people get their own driving license?

This is the third of three films we created. The project involved producing CSAs (community service announcements) for a remarkable, rural initiative sponsored by not for profit: the George Institute for Global Health.  Driving Change is a community driven program that supports young indigenous people to navigate the licensing system and attain their driving licence. But it does more than that - it fosters greater social inclusion and economic independence.

Targeting mentors, we were asked to highlight the many and varied benefits of helping someone get a driver license.


Real individuals who have benefited from a service are often the best ones to vouch for it. We started by interviewing young indigenous people who had gone through the program about their experiences of it. We also interviewed mentors about why they volunteered and what they got out of it. Three scripts were developed using the words and stories of our interviewees. Working closely with the Driving Change team, we storyboarded a series of shots to represent the short narratives we had created.

This Mentor TV commercial was shot on location in rural NSW with the images and original interview recordings of the real mentors.

To maximise exposure across multiple platforms radio ads were made using the commercial soundtracks as a base.


Good Eye Deer were great to work with. They really took the time to listen, not only to program staff about what we wanted but with participants and community members as well to understand what our program meant to them. They were patient and creative, and engaged with our program goals and communities, over simply being focused on pumping out some promotional material. I think that showed in the finished product which captured the essence of what we were trying to achieve with the program itself.

Jake Byrne
Program Manager, Driving Change


Agency: Bloke
Video production company: Good Eye Deer, Sydney
Client: The Georges Institute fpr Global Helath, Sydney
Writer / Director: Gavin Banks
Producer: Olivia Olley

Driving Change website