Homelessness affects young people from all demographics. The 'Couch' project was created to raise awareness and valuable funds to support The Salvation Army programs that help homeless youth. We were excited to be involved in such a worthwhile project. The brief was to film a TVC which begins with an ordinary girl, asleep, seemingly safe in her bed. The story continues to reveal she is sleeping on a bench in the street and at risk.  This emotive TVC was designed to highlight the harsh reality of what some youths must face each night.


The client initially wanted to shoot this TVC as a single shot - a slow reveal. Translating the concept from page to screen we drew out the key emotional messages The Salvation Army wanted to communicate. From there we recommended a different course of action: a series of shots that we could control to create an emotional climax. Multiple angles opened up the awesome potential editing offers. We were able to delay the reveal in a way that held audience attention and then quickly drive home the immediate need of homeless youth.


WINNER: BEST TV commercial (under $10,000), AVPA National awards, 2014


“Working with Good Eye Deer on The Couch Project TV commercial has been an excellent experience. They brought a creative, sensitive approach to the project and worked extremely hard to bring it to life. They were able to recommend innovative ways to cut the costs of the filming, and supported the complex range of goals we had behind the campaign. We are very appreciative of their thoughtful input, which has helped bring attention and understanding to this serious problem facing thousands of young people."

-Kirrilee Trist. Marketing and Advertising Director, The Salvation Army.


Client: Salvation Army, Sydney, Australia
Agency: Mezzanine Media
Director: Gavin Banks
Producer: Olivia Olley
Communications Manager: Kirrilee Trist

The Salvation Army