The quality of the scripts produced exceeded our expectations. This series feels like a HBO crime drama. Looking forward to taking it into Production.

James ferguson
Senior project officer,
corrective services nsw

the brief

produce a series of character-based scripts for our behaviour-change education program.

The goal of this short-film drama series is for our audience to learn from the behaviour of others. To achieve this level of education, viewers must connect with the characters and their situations. The dramatisations must ring true and avoid triggers that could distract viewers from the story. As such, these scripts must be an authentic representation of people and the stories they know. CSNSW is requesting Good Eye Deer adapt all 16 character-profile stories currently used for the EQUIPS / LIVIT educational program into a series of production-ready scripts.

our approach

Authenticity. we know when we touch it. we know when we don’t. It’s key for emotional engagement.

To maximise authenticity with this 16 part series, we worked with culturally appropriate writers, a head writer, and a series set-up director. The series is designed for offenders to become more conscious of their triggers and find better ways to avoid or manage them. We’ve strove to identify and validate the emotional issues that underline the destructive choices of the varied characters in a non-judgemental way. As a template for story structure, we used monologue interviews to tighten the backstory and land viewers into the most impactful moment of the live-action drama.

Assets Produced

16 x 10 minute short film scripts.

Not released for the public.

Production, coming soon.

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