This micro-budget independent feature film was shot over twenty days in and around the Hunter Valley, NSW, in December 2009.

Good Eye Deer's Gavin Banks worked tirelessly with Owen Elliot to get the most creative yet economical coverage for each scene, while maintaining a visual look that belies the small budget.  This is a debut feature for Gavin as a cinematographer, Owen as a director and Michael Winchester as Producer.

Bathing Franky has been released independently this year by distributor Titan View under Screen Australia’s Innovation Distribution Partnership model - where the film tours to rural areas of Australia and screens in communities that have limited access to non-mainstream cinema.



Filmed in just 4 weeks, this feature film is the result of a great amount of creativity, team effort and determination. Cinematographer (and Good Eye Deer's Creative Director) Gavin Banks worked closely with Bathing Frankie's director Owen Elliot to craft some tantalising moments of cinema. Distributed by Titan View, this film is a great achievement for the director/ producer team, Owen Elliot and Michael Winchester.


Distributor: Titan View
Producer: Michael Wincheste
Director: Owen Elliot
DP: Gavin Banks
Cast: Henry Szeps
Cast: Maria Venuti
Cast: Shaun Goss
Cast: Bree Desborough


Gavin Banks was utterly professional in every aspect of his work as the cinematographer on Bathing Franky: from his assiduous research and preparation in the pre-shoot to his calm and thorough approach on set. He consistently maintained integrity to an overall vision alongside an acute attention to detail.

Gavin constantly searched for the meaning behind the words in the script and supported that deeper understanding with rich and evocative visual imagery. His craftsman like approach to manipulating the elements of light and colour produced a tone and texture to the film that was potent and nuanced.

He is the consummate professional, able to balance the restraints of time and budget with the artistic and cinematic demands of the film story.  Not afraid to take creative risks and think outside the square when under pressure, Gavin maintained a calm exterior and a steadying influence on set. Gavin was a team player who worked closely with his director and key crew always communicating with those around him with direction, clarity and good humour.

Michael Winchaester - Producer

Bathing Frankie

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