Our third TV commercial project for one of Australia's favorite not-for-profit organisations, The Salvation Army. The Salvo's Sydney office asked us to produce and direct a 30 & 15 sec TVC / CSA for the 2015 Christmas Appeal.  Through a heart-felt narrative we were required to show that families are in real need of help at Christmas. Just as importantly the TVC needed to offer hope and empower the audience with a simple call to action that could make a difference.


To maximise the charity's budget, we worked with a small crew and a small number of in-house Salvation Army staff for this collaborative project. The Salvos' provided the script and concept and we worked with them to produce the commercial based upon the goals and needs of the marketing campaign. Good Eye Deer handled all stages of production from casting to final post.


The one local, heart-felt, Christmas TV commercial we could find in Australia in 2015."

Wil Anderson, 
The Gruen (Series 7, Episode 10)


Client: The Salvation Army, Sydney
Agency: Direct
Video production company: Good Eye Deer, Sydney
Client Producer: Kirrilee Trist
Agency Producer: Olivia Olley
Director: Gavin Banks
Cinematographer: Peter McMurray
Casting: Maura Fay
Score: John Roy

Salvation Army charity christmas commercial