By Gavin Banks

There is nothing like watching a well-crafted film with a powerful message to emotionally move an audience. Be it in a dark and atmospheric cinema or just on a smart phone while waiting for a train, a well-made video can leap out of the screen and make its audience burst out laughing, reel with anger or cry from sorrow.


At video production company, Good Eye Deer, we believe that an inspiring, big-hearted video is the most powerful tool available for marketing purposes. Better than any other medium of communication it can help promote your brand, what you do and increase the donations you need to do it. Consider this commercial below for The Salvation Army ‘Couch Project’.

Here are five reasons to consider why corporate video is a must for your not-for-profit organisation:


1. Video can bring your brand to life to help you to stand out from the crowd

There are many organisations doing amazing work across Australia. But how do you ensure people know about your brand, what you do and how you do it? Stand head and shoulders above your competitors with a powerful film that embodies your whole brand and conveys exactly what your work means –  without spelling it out.


Consider a little film we made for the Australian Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation (ALCMF) that helped raise awareness about the service and increased subscriptions. It tells a beautiful story of what it means for one family to receive a walker for their child. The ‘Help a child walk today’ message (what it all means) gets across what the foundation do without having to spelling out exactly how they do it.

2. Emotive video can involve an audience 
If you want your audience to truly understand your brand (and key messages) you need to create a story that touches their hearts. As the famous Confucius quote says:

“Tell me and I will forget; Show me and I may remember; Involve me and I will understand.”

Involving your audience in an emotive video or commercial is so much better than simply asking them to digest facts and figures because it gets buy-in. If your audience is emotionally engaged (or involved) with what you do, the donations will follow.


3. Video content is king when it comes to sharable content
Today YouTube has over one billion users and more and more video content is watched and shared online every day. Find out more about how a professionally made video can provide a great return on your investment in Good Eye Deer’s previous blog post here.


4. Video can ensure your message is clear and simple
Potential donors might not know exactly what it is you do and how you do it. The combination of sound and imagery via a well-crafted video can quickly and easily communicate and involve your audience in the great work you are already doing in the community.


5. Video can showcase your organisation as a leader in the field
As with all media forms the quality of your communication reflects on your brand. A quality film will enhance your brand in the community through professionalism, authority and authenticity. By using a style appropriate to your audience, a video is THE most powerful tool you can use to bring your brand to life.


Good Eye Deer has worked with many local, national and international not-for-profit organisations to create powerful video campaigns that cut through the noise. This inspirational video we created for Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research (ALCCRF), about two year-old Ava’s cancer battle and her subsequent remission, helped ALCCRF to double their annual fundraising totals:

This blog was written by Sydney video production company, Good Eye Deer, with resources thanks to articles by: The Institute of Fundraising (UK) and The Guardian.