Lions Clubs Australia TV Commercial to be filmed on Arri Alexa thanks to Panavision Sydney.

By Olivia Olley

The Arri Alexa is the digital filmmaker’s dream camera. Renowned digital cinematographer, Phillip Bloom is quoted to say the Arri Alexa is “the Aston Martin of digital cameras. I fell in love the moment I recorded my first clip”.  In December this year Good Eye Deer will be producing a series of TV Commercials for Lions Clubs Australia. We are excited to announce the TV Commercials will be shot on the Arri Alexa thanks to Panavision Sydney.


Gavin Banks will be heading the production as director with Olivia Olley producing. Together they will write the TVCs and have a workshop day with the actors to flesh out the performance and the visual concept. The cinematographer for this shoot will be Peter McMurray; and his visual magic will be post produced by Shane Burrell and his team at Final Post.


Phillip Bloom reviews the Alexa: