By Gavin Banks

The branding and recruitment campaign for Lions Australia has come to a completion. We are proud to say that the client was over joyed with the media package we delivered.

“There are videos and there are great videos and this one is great. Fantastically well planned and focused – a great representation of Lions Clubs and if I wasn’t a member, and I saw that, I would join up straight away! Thanks very much for doing that for Lions, and for our community”


– Alex Maitland. Webmaster – Lions Australia

The 3 TV commercials we produced are stylised and quirky. We decided to create 3 commercials for the Two More Hands recruitment campaign as one commercial was just not enough for what our client was trying to achieve. During development Lions Australia informed us that there are three strands to their charity organisation: Community Support, Disaster Relief Services and Medical Research fundraising. By creating three commercials we were able to strengthen the media presence for our client. The commercials will be rolled out as a series, similar to the AAMI commercial series or the old Nescafe commercials.


We also produced a 6 minute documentary about Lions Australia and a one minute Community Service Announcement – which is a cut down of the 6 minute film. The documentary is an awareness film for the charity organisation. Lions Australia will use the 6 minute film for promotional purposes and to inform the ethos of this leading service organisation.


The Lions Australia – Two More Hands media and recruitment campaign will be launched at the Lions Australia national conference April 29 2013. Following this launch the films will go online and the TVCs will roll out across Australia on free to air TV and Foxtel.