Good Eye Deer is developing inspiring and entertaining scripted content for film and TV.

Our short film One. is now live on ABC iView.
More than a short film, ‘One.’ is the pilot episode for a series of online sketches about those moments when being a single-woman just sucks.

In Development

One. is part of a slate of projects we’re developing in the entertainment space.

Currently in development is a feature film, a documentary series, a half-hour comedy series, a food life-style show and a children’s half-hour comedy.

Producers, Gavin Banks and Olivia Olley have teamed up with industry professionals to build the Good Eye Deer slate and we look forward to making more connections (and exciting announcements) as we move forward.


The Face of Birth


  • We recently shot the Pre School TV show, I AM ME for Ambience Entertainment. Good Eye Deer facilitated the production working as Associate Producers. We shot for five weeks filming over 1,000 children (and animals) in studio and on location. The Newcastle crew we sourced made up 75% of the production team. I AM ME is due for release mid 2020 on Channel 9’s GO.
  • Our Producer, Olivia Olley is announced as one of this years Ones To Watch via the Screen Producers Association. We look forward to the creative development that will come from this exciting career accelerator program. Check out the blog for more info.
  • One. can be seen via this link on ABC iView. We’d love to know what you think, so please leave a comment on our social media channels @goodeyedeer (insta) or @goodeyedeerfilm (FB)
  • Our co-pro documentary the Face of Birth has been reviewed as the finest educational and inspirational film on the subject of childbirth. It will soon be available in the US via Ricky Lake’s distribution company BOBB Films.

For more information about our producers go to the ABOUT page, or CONTACT US